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Whatsapp changed my number without my permission ?


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I agree with Madmax, your post doesn't make a ton of sense. Why did your bf break up with you?


Regarding Whatsapp, if you have gotten a new SIM card, or changed the number on your phone, whatsapp will recognise this and usually ask you if you'd like to keep your previously used number to set up whatsapp or switch to the new one. I've never heard of it switching automatically to a new number but if you accidentally just hit "switch to new number" without realising what you were pressing I'm guessing that's what happened. Either way, it's not really a big deal and you can tell all of your contacts in your phone what happened, or report it if you think you were hacked.


In terms of your boyfriend... um, if anyone DUMPED me over whatsapp for that reason, I would move on without a second glance. Holy insecure, batman.

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