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its complicated


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this girl was interested in me .... but now she isn't interested in the same way....... we talk alot and we flirt and we also show signs of affection.... how can i be in a relationship with her.... what are the things women do to show that they are interested in a guy.....

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Look at the body instead of the words, when it moves closer towards you, it wants to be you, if it moves away from you, it doesn't want to be with you.


Afteral, you wouldn't want to be close to someone you dislike yourself right?


You might want to read the don juan bible to increase your chances.



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They respond positively towards you - being kind, friendly, showing genuine interest in what you're up to and want to spend time with you, no conditions attached (unless there's some kind of curfew thing going on!) See how it goes. Take things slow and have fun. If it seems like it's going nowhere, then don't force it. You don't want to seem desperate. You don't say how old you are, but if you're "younger" rather than "older" (and by the fact you said "girl") then be prepared for the fact that's she playing you. Not saying she is, but it's just a thought. (I know what I was like at that age - male attention is fun. In fact, it still is :smiley_simmons: ) Good luck X

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