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Can you attract a specific person using The Law of Attraction?

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I was 15 when I first learned that something such as Law of Attraction exists. Since then I've been using it to manifest many things that I wanted to have or that I wanted to happen, and I'm very grateful for that. But on the other hand I've always failed to manifest a specific person. If anyone is familiar with this topic, can you tell me why it doesn't work when it comes to attract a specific person with whom you want to have a romantic relationship? Am I doing something wrong? Thanks alot

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You can't. I would get rid of all of your law of attraction books. If you are a positive, encouraging person, other people will feel encouraged and also encourage you. If you walk around like a grump with a chip on your shoulder, no one will want to hang around you. That's what it boils down to. you can't make a specific person fall for you. You can be nice to them and they might decide you are a nice person, but it doesn't make them want to date you. There are many factors including shared interests and culture, being the approrpriate age for that person, the person actually wanting a girlfriend or being available (single, and also not all 15 year olds want to date!) what that person is unconciously attracted to in looks, and your past history with that person that you can't cast some spell on them.

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Haha, no the Law of Attraction doesn't work for that purpose - I tried

I honestly don't really believe it works at all, but it's always good to be positive and optimistic and to have goals. To me, this 'law' has more of a placebo effect, and the things that do happen to come true are just coincidences.

Back to the attracting a specific person through the LoA, the reason I figure it is impossible is because it would go against that person's free will. For whatever reason, the person is not attracted/interested in you, and no magic out there will change that - or wishful thinking. A better use of the LoA would be if you made it your goal to meet *the best match for you*, who may not be the person you have in mind, it might be someone completely different who may make you much happier than the one you have in mind would. The LoA works on you, not on anyone else. As awesome as it would be, we can't control others, their feelings, emotions, I mean there is some black magic out there that claims to do so, but I wouldn't recommend going that way (and it probably doesn't really work anyway).

So just try to project into the Universe that you want the best partner for you (as opposed to person X), and then it may work.

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Didn't read your post , but just going by the title ( I am watching x factor so have to be quick ) here is a something I wrote the other day on facebook about this ...


The Law of Attraction/ cosmic ordering and relationships ...


It is usually during times of despair and grief that one will reach out to anything ..anything that can bring comfort ..be it The church , the law of attraction , Buddhism , witchcraft or a decent dose of rat poison . Whatever gets you through is what I say !!!


The end of a relationship , as most of us know , is shocking , you can really feel like your heart is literally breaking , and that is when anyone who gets a sniff of cosmic ordering then tries to apply it

to * bring the ex back* or * get that geezer at the bus stop to ask you out * and when it doesn't work , you once again lose faith in the universe .


Whatever your bag is , let me assure you , be it Jesus , the angels or Buddha ..not any force in this world will force a persons free will , it is wrong , it is unfair .and it wont work and all you do is bring yourself back down again into that desperate place . Free will is something that no one can take away from us ( aside from arranged marriages etc , you get where I am with this ) I advise strongly to not dabble in witchcraft or pay for a spell caster to force a relationship ..there are consequences ...free will is ..free will ..leave it alone .


What you can do though is ask the universe to bring the RIGHT person to you , tell the universe what you want , why can I just picture half my friends list shouting * big * out their living room window right now !! Believe that wasn't your twin flame , the other half of your soul, or you would still be with them now .

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If we could control other people in the way you're hoping for, the world would be a very different place! The only thing you're doing wrong is not understanding where you finish and the other person starts, and thinking that it's possible to make someone else behave in a certain way because that's your will. You can't. If someone's attracted to you, it's because of your personal qualities.


End of.


Sure, you can be pleasant to that person and do all sorts of other groundwork, but that's all you can do. Using something like the Law of Attraction is different to positive affirmations (e.g. "A wonderful partner is on his/her way") which are much more likely to get you a partner than going around being miserable and hostile, say, but there's nothing magic about it.

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