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What do I do from here?


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Hey guys, this is my first post on here so please bare with me.


I was dumped about 6 weeks ago by my ex girlfriend, with whom I with for 10 months. She broke up with me stating that she felt she didn't have anymore feelings for me and that she didn't want a relationship anymore due to the pressure it was putting on her life. After the breakup we remained in contact, and we'd talk a lot however it was mainly about the break up. We met up several days after the breakup and I felt the connection was still there - we laughed and could talk about anything and there was no anger towards one another. We would call each other too a bit after the breakup. I admittedly was at times smothering her during our relationship, and at times I think she felt under pressure to be there and talk etc. She was the priority in my life, and I shouldve had other things than her.


Over the next few weeks, we obviously distanced ourselves from each other. We did have a few brief moments of anger, but we gave ourselves space and would talk when we had cooled down!


Recently we have started talking again on text, and i have suggested meeting up for dinner! She seems interested but is still is unsure. There aren't any angry emotions in our conversations, we just talk normally as friends would. I asked her how far she had moved on she said she thinks past the point of getting back together as she likes her life as it is, but I still feel like there could be a small possibility of reconciliation. I am doing my best to prove how I am growing and I have honestly apologised for the mistakes I made but didn't realise in the past.


I dont know if I should keep trying and how I would get out of the friendzone which I feel I am entering with her.



Thanks guys!

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If i where you i would just say' ok then i'll lift the pressure and make sure you don't feel pressured anymore' problem solved. But as others said, you risk of becoming a chump or desperate man. Show you have a life of your own to live and fall back on, and don't lean on her asif she is your mommy.

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Depends if she wants to "have her cake and eat it" I suppose. If you're willing to take the chance that she is just spending time with you as there is no-one else, then go for it. Or she may genuinely still have feelings for you and is happier now she doesn't have the pressure of a relationship? Who knows. Time will tell. But don't push the situation, just see what happens.

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