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lost and despressed after NC almost working and I blew it up!


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I feel so depressed after my gf broke up with me, we were in an LDR for a long period and she planned to come here this year. She is from romania and im from philippines.. things didnt work out because of her trust and attitude that she would accuse me everyday and argued me and force me to admit all her accusement..I do love her and I dont mind her attitude... so on august 12 we broke up and she asked for a space.. I couldnt give the space she asked I keep talking and calling her... she ignored me and blocked me so I stopped until august 20 and on august 27 she msged my friend and said that she misses me so bad and having a hard time to move on and since im blocked on facebook and any other social media I waited until on august 29 she added me on a game messenger so it was a sign that she wanted to talk.. so lastnight she and my friend are talking and my friend copy paste their convo and I read that she is having a hard time to move on but she dont want my friend to tell her about me cuz Ill get hurt and I cant move on so what I did was I called her after 12 days of NC and when she answered she said STOP CONTACTING ME BYE!.. so I became needy again and called her alot she answered and told me she dont want to talk and I should leave her life alone forever and she wants to move on and doesnt want to hear anything about me! which hurt like hell! so I should have waited her to do the contact 1st and I blew it up... her pride and ego has eaten her.. why did she added me on a game messenger and then deleted me? why she misses me so bad and wont talk to me? Im with her for almost 5 years of LDR and everyday we were talking video calling and more...and i missed her so bad..I know I would be selfish if I wont let her go but what else I can do? besides moving on? its easy to say to move on and find someone else but its very hard to do.. this girl was my everything even tho it was online but she made herself 24/7 with me so please is there anything I can do?

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Sorry this sounds like she's playing a lot of games and being hot/cold,etc. Have you ever met? It sounds like she is wasting your time probably dating other guys too.


Don't you want a real live local girlfriend you can date and hug and kiss? That is better than this nonsense, no? she added me on a game messenger after 12 days of NC and when she answered she said STOP CONTACTING ME BYE!..Im with her for almost 5 years of LDR and everyday we were talking video calling and more.

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we never met... thats the point since day 1 she told me that she will come to me and live with me and get married it took 4 years of promises... when I wanted to break up last year she didnt let me and promised me that she will come here on 2016 then now the year comes.. she is the 1 who broke up and ignored me completely... I dont know what to say because she ignores it

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She did you a huge favour by breaking up with you.

She has dragged on this long distance relationship for 4 years. To be honest with you, your relationship would not have realistically worked out. As someone who comes from that general area, I just wanted to give you perspective on our views. Even though you have good intentions, most parents from that area would not be too happy to have their daughter marry someone of different culture. Specifically, they would not be too happy if their daughter packed all of their things and moved to a country that they don't consider to be prosperous like the U.S, U.K, or Germany.

Now, this may not apply to everyone, but I am just speaking from generalization from being in contact with so many families in that region.

There's a strong sense of nationalism and they typically prefer to keep their relationships within their own culture.

She probably got cold feed and dumped you because she realized all of those reasons as to why it wouldn't work.

She could have told you that her family was different and that it would have worked out, but I doubt she was telling the truth.

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