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She cancelled the 2nd date


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Hey pips, so i meet this girl lats week friday, n decide to set a meet up date for the following Tuesday afternoon and she agreed. On the day in the morning, she decides to cancel saying "sumthing came up, can we please reschedule for tomorrow" I couldn't make tomorrow coz of wrk so I moved the next meet up to Friday and she agreed showing gestures of really wanting us to meet up. Thursday night I texted to confirm if we still meeting up he not day and she was dwn with it.Our meet up was scheduled for 9am (breakfast).Now on the day of the date, she sends me a text at 5pm saying that she just abt to sleep nw because she was up studing all nyt and that we shld move the date for tomorrow If possible?


I really feel now like she not trying hard for us to meet up.or am I over thinking things out. I like the girl, I just dnt want to pushing for a date with someone that doesn't look eager to meeting up with me....advice pliz


This is a first date meet up issue

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Why don't you make it convenient for yourself? For example, you are going to the library on Friday and then going home. You can ask her to meet you at the library. If she turns up good, if she doesn't , it is okay as well. Something like that. You will not feel as bad. I used to be like you, setting aside time specifically and was extremely disappointed when the other person cancelled or left halfway.


Another method you can use it, when you are free you can contact me to go out . You let her take the initiative.


Another possibility is that she is treating you as a backup. She might asked you out, then when another friend ask her out, she cancelled yours, because she treats you as backup. In that sense, you might want to consider if you want such instability in your relationship. You might want to set a limit, eg if she does this to me ten times, I am done. Meanwhile you can look for other partner

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If I like you, I'll show up with bells on.

Rescheduling twice isn't a good sign.


But just as I am writing this, I've done the same. I think cold feet, not wanting to put myself out there, was my reasons.

I pushed through and kept my rescheduled date and was glad I did.


I realize I just contradicted myself here, ha ha. So. . . I guess the message here is

You just never know their reason.

This could go either way. Consider agreeing. Let her set the time and place and see what she does.

At least you'll have a firm answer.

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