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28 years old and no license..please help!??


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I am a single mother of 2 children and they're both special needs and they require more doctor appointments to specialists. I hate asking people for rides. And I believe its interfering with a lot in my life, including the kids as well. Its embarrassing telling people I don't have my license due to anxiety. Not sure I can describe how bad it gets behind the wheel. Let's just say its worse than being in a room full of people literally trying to kill me. Okay, maybe not worse but its the equivalent to that. Not exaggerating. I'm terrified I will hit something or someone else. Just the thought of driving makes me sick to my stomach and hard to wrap my mind around. I don't know why I have a hard time being aware of my surroundings, though I do try and focus the best I can. Its so challenging for me. Ive seen probably millions or billions of other cars driving in my lifetime. And I just think.."well why can everyone else drive and not me?" What do they have that makes them drive so well that I don't have? Being isolated and stuck in one place every single day is pretty depressing and I'm even taking an antidepressant. Which is an SSRI(antidepressant/antianxiety). I was on the lowest dose but had my doctor increase it so that maybe my anxiety will reduce more because its still bad. I tried driving when I was 16. I thought at one point I was getting good at it because I was more comfortable and more confident so I felt ready to take the driving test. Well, apparently during the test, my nerves got the best of me again because I probably did everything wrong. But when I was practicing, I felt okay. I took drivers ed from my school that offered it during the summer when school was out. I even drove extra hours to increase my practice and everything. I still sucked but passed with a b- which wasn't good enough for a waiver. I feel so stupid. I'll be 30 in 2 years and dont drive. I feel like the biggest loser ever, especially being able to see everyone else drive except me. And I know people look down on me for it and has their own thoughts about it. Has anyone else been in this position but was able to come out of it and get their license? I'm an emotional wreck. This is something I really want. Please please help!?? Is it possible to get my license? Or will I never be able to learn??

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Of course you can learn. Have you tried counseling to manage your anxiety? You could learn and practice some techniques to manage your anxiety and over time perhaps get it under control enough to drive. An option in addition to counseling could also be changing your medication or adding another med more geared for anxiety. It's worth talking to your doctor about it.


Best of luck!

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You can absolutely learn. Do you have a friend/family member that is willing to help teach you? Maybe you could find an undeveloped neighborhood close by (where they have streets done, but very few or no houses/mailboxes built yet. That way-there isn't anyone or anything to hit so you can focus on being comfortable controlling the car.

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