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Girlfriend seems suspicious, takes hours to reply ect..??


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Well me and her have been dating for over a year now and things were amazing at first. When we first met we were crazy attached to eachother, ect, anyways a month or so before our 1 year together her best friend and her got drunk and her best friend called me saying how shes cheating on me with this guy and that guy ect.. and went into specific detail about all of it.. sence then i have had anxiety over that. But for our 1 year anniversery together i flew her down here for 2 weeks and we had like the best time of my life, but once she left thinfs have really fallen apart. I fell into severe anxiety and depression and i been falling apart every sence. But with her its like if she doesnt reply within a few minutes to my text i get anxiety attacks and depression strikes ,ect, and alot of the times it takes her an hour to reply , almost everyday it takes her that long to reply, and she will say shes with her aunt or cousan [almost everyday she says shes with her aunt and thats why shes replying slow] or shes cleaning so she cant text or shes with a friend and cant talk or shes helping cook so she cant text, ect.. and she sleeps about 14 hours a day she will sleep at like 10pm to sometimes 1pm.. and when were on the phone all night her phone will go off 20 times a minute sometimes and says its always her cousan or the same friend everytime. To me its fishy but i dont know if its my anxiety and jeliousy or if it really is fishy and suspicious. And the feelings i have for this girl is undescribable how much i love her and feel for her. I would sacrifice anything for her. When she needs me im always there for her. Ill anwser my phone at work and talk for so many hours of the day chancing getting fired being on the phone at work all day just cuz she needs to talk. I was at disney world and anwsered my phone on the ride for her. But whenever i make plans to skype with her she always cancels to go out with her aunt.. almost everynight i get excited to go home and see her and then all a sudden last minute she cancels to do something else. It seems almost everynight this is how it is. And i just keep falling into more and more pieces the longer im away from her. I do have jeliousy ofcoarse i think most people do. She does also. But my life style is different. I dont speak to any other females. Shes the only female i speak to other then like.my grandma or aunt or sister . She makes everything better just by the sound of her voice. Hearing her voice is just so soothing to me. I even wake up every 20 minutes from sleep when shes not on the phone with me in a panic attack. I can only really sleep when were on the phone together. But we been fighting alot lately and alot of it is my fault with my jeliousy but i dont feel she understand how taking 1 to 2 hours to reply almost everyday saying its cuz ur with ur aunt or cousan everytime or ur cleaning so u cant talk, ect.. i dont see why you cant text between cleaning or when with ur family or around anybody really. So i think its both me and her i expect to much from her with respond time, and she tries too little she could send a few texts here n there within a few hours . Am i wrong or whats going on? All i know is i love her more then anything and i wanna fix everything between me and her were a amazing couple but ever sence she left here and went back home things have been real hard. Any thoughts or ideas?

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How often do you see each other in person? Why would her friend contact you with these rumors? It sounds like she's not too interested in all the cyber contact it takes to maintain a LDR.


You are not "an amazing couple" if you have only seen each other one or two times. Try not being so clingy and demanding she babysit you and stay tethered to a phone, that's why you are fighting and she's pushing you away further...you're suffocating her.


Lay back and contact her much less. Wait for her to contact you.

her best friend and her got drunk and her best friend called me saying how shes cheating on me with this guy and that guy ect. i flew her down here for 2 weeks and we had like the best time of my life,
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