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Advice on what to do?


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Good time of the day,


I've have the following situation,


In March I was forced to find a job with a better salary, due to some circumstances. I was introduced to my new manager, the woman that I'm currently working with and going to speak about. I was working on my new place for 2 months and she didn't care much about me. Meaning that I didn't make any problems, such as being late, doing my tasks wrong and etc. Quite the opposite, I've managed to do most of the tasks correctly and earlier than they should be done. And after doing so for some time, I seemed to drag her attention. We started to talk more and not about work, as it usually was. We started to have lunch together, having a smoke together. Let's just say, most of the time we spend together by doing our work. Now, in June I've started to notice some signs of sympathy from her, maybe I'm mistaken, but correct me if so. She often smiles when we cross sights, holds my hand for no reason, sometimes laughs about some random things I say that aren't really funny, and much more other things. Everything seems ok, but we have a big difference in age, I'm 25 and she is 40. I ain't gonna lie, she looks younger for her age, as by her looks, as by her personality. Problem is that I'm not sure if those signs can be taken serious and she doesn't hide that shes "available for relationship". I mean if she just jokes like that and I might spoil everything up. So, I guess I need an advice on taking my 1st step, and whether she is serious by those signs. Can provide addition info if thats necessary.


Thank You

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Dating the boss is playing with fire. She probably is hungry for male attention and likes to flirt but keep your job, you can find a gf anywhere.

I was introduced to my new manager, the woman that I'm currently working with and going to speak about.I'm 25 and she is 40.
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Just make sure you have boundaries. The only thing that concerns me is the holding hands. I had a female boss I'm still friends with we used to talk about everything. We would go out to lunch or on breaks but no way I'd do anything. She joked saying we couldnt. Lol I never would she wasnt my type plus she's married. Thats a whole other thread. I hear alot of people hook up at work. I guess that can work but don't go for your boss. It's easier to meet woman at work everyone is very friendly when I go into the office. To bad there taken or I'm not interested plus the ratio is absolutely dismal. I'm not great at just starting a conversation with a female out of the blue but at work they come to you haha.

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Thank You for opinions.



At first I tried to ignore all that stuff by concentrating more on my work and filling my thoughts with different things, but that didn't make much sense. I try to pretend that I don't notice anything and that I'm here only for work, but who knows how long this can continue. Avoiding her, even if it was possible, would seem stupid and childish. I haven't made anything towards her yet, as I try to keep "professional interactions" as much as possible. But sometimes it is very difficult...



I have. I don't start any actions in all of this, thats the problem. I remain my position as "duuuuuuh, I work now", - then go take a break and continue whatever you are doing in 10-15 mins (or smth like that). I know I can decline her requests, but that cant be repeated all the time. Maybe I should try to ask for an explanation about this, but without being very specific?



I was disgusted by my last relationship, after knowing my ex'es true personality. And before that I had a bunch of relationships, but that is a different story. As I mentioned above, I might try to talk to her about her behaviour. When I'll gather all my bravery, ofcourse...

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Don't do it! You're asking for trouble - and potentially harming your relationship with any work mates (who may have already been sucked into that one - pardon the expression!) If she persists, then maybe you need to find a new job. That said, if it works out then good for you... but you still need to find another job. Sleeping with your boss isn't the best of moves and likely to irritate other people in your office. Good luck X

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