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I'd like to thank this place, update


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For those of you on here who are down and out, I want you all to know it will get better and just tough it out.


I was on here about 2 years ago and I was a complete mess. Go back and look at some of my topics I had started.


- I had a real toxic relationship, constantly being on again and off again with this girl Lisa for about 2 years.

- My friends tried to get me over Lisa by setting me up with a co-worker Barbara, only to have one of those "friends" hook up with her after I had started liking her. She also abused my liking her (I think) to get me to help her out.

- I had another ex, Betty who would call me out of the blue a lot and play games with me.

- Whenever I tried to move on and date someone new, something always seemed to happen and it would fall apart after 3-4 dates.


I was down, depressed and life was awful. This place helped me a lot and helped me get over that. Since I stopped posting on here, I started dating someone who I have since fell in love with. We have dated a year, and now we are engaged and getting married next August. We live together and have two dogs and I am in a really good place. I have slowly cut Lisa out of my life, who is now also engaged to another guy. I haven't seen her in maybe 10 months and no contact in nearly same amount of time. No contact with Betty in at least a year either. Barbara still works with me but I don't talk to her or hang out with her much. I took the advice a lot of people on here gave me.


So anyone out there who is feeling down, I suggest you go read some of my threads I posted on here. I was a complete mess. If I got through it, you can too!

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I like your update It's amazing how things can change in as little as a year or two it's good for people to hear these stories, it can feel so hopeless when you're in the middle of a crappy breakup or wondering if you should leave a crappy relationship. I have a similar story. Depressed and broken in October...by October of the next year I had met someone great and we were approaching the 6 month mark...a year after that, bought a house together and vey happy...and this October we will have been married for 4 months. A lot can happen in a short amount of time. But yeah, we have to get out of the crappy situation first.


I'm glad for you. Congrats on your engagement

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