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People who play the victim


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Has anyone ever known someone who constantly plays the victim in any given situation? It just absolutely irritates me when someone puts up this front to their friends and family that people are always after them even though they start 99% of the conflict in their lives.


My ex mother in law is like this constantly - but the real concerning issue I had is last night. I had been having a good day. I saw my new nephew. My daughter got to play with her other cousin who is a year younger. I saw my brother, mom and sister in law. On the way back I stopped for a minute at this view of a river I heard about. I get back in my car and I have what turns into stalker messages from the chick my ex used as a sugar mama apparently. For some weird ass reason she thinks that my ex and I are back together because he is ignoring her. She starts off with "I know you're with him. Tell him to f* off." I said I am nowhere near him and I have not seen him for two weeks. I have occasionally talked to him on messenger because he says he is working on getting into rehab once he gets his last paycheck. I hope this time it works but not holding out hope.


This chick - I should have kept her blocked but I have not talked to her in two or three weeks after I told her how he is on drugs and to watch herself especially when he is on meth. I gave her my piece and figured she will listen or won't listen. He has consistently told everyone he wasn't ever dating her. He did use her and he did hint at her he would date her if she did things for him. I saw the messages. But that's all it seems.


So anyway she tells me that his whole family hates me and she knew about a fight I had with them because they decided to go to horse races instead of supporting a fundraising walk that is for people with the same disorder my daughter has (they could have done both). But his sister apologized to me and I just wasn't going ot talk to any of them for like a month and see if they would ask to see her. But this chick is saying they hate me and that I'm not the norm and that I probably took my ex to a drug house. I said why would I take him to get drugs when I divorced him due to drugs? "Well you did when you were with him so he wouldn't hurt you." I said no I didn't. Then I called her fat, ugly and said stop harassing me and leave me alone. IF I in the slim chance ever got back with him it's none of your business. He has clearly used you and you need to wake up, move along and enjoy your life. Find a guy who actually likes you and quit the drugs.


Then I said I have only talked to him about rehab and she said "He doesn't want to go you can't make him" and then "I hope he actually doesn't make it" as in she hopes he never gets sober. I said that's pretty sick to say about someone you want to date. You need a therapist. Oh and she also sent his other daughter a friend request. His daughter told me that because she still calls me sometimes and she said it was weird. She doesnt even know this girl and the girl never dated her dad. She accepted it out of pity I guess. I told her she should block her asap.


Then I told her if she wants to talk crap she can come to my face and do it because it's easy to act tough behind a screen. Then I sent her a video of the end of the movie Swimfan, told her that was her and blocked her. And she needs to stay away from his kids.


Then on her FB page - which is 100% public - she posts "Why can't people just leave me alone and let me be happy? I'm giving up." I didn't say anything but I wanted to say "You can't play the victim when you harass and stalk people."


I messaged my ex since he doesn't have a phone and is damn near homeless but I guess using the library computers that if he is not with this girl he needs to lay it out for her clear as day and tell her to stop messaging me. I am at my stress limit. I absolutely did nothing to her. It's not my fault she got played and I told her that. She knew he plays women. His sister likely told her in the last 9 years she's been married to that girl's brother. I told her. Everyone knows he does it. So I did a courtesy, warned her and then didn't talk to her again. Then because he is ignoring her she has to get all crazy psycho stalker on me? I don't need this crap. I have enough to deal with. I'm leaving her blocked on messages though. I just hope she is not Swimfan level stalker crazy.

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Why did you even reply to her and fuel the drama? Seriously just ignore this crazy lady. Seems like you like the drama a bit too or else you would do the mature thing and block and ignore her.


Because I was taken aback. I was nowhere near my ex. I had been in another state the whole day and I was just shocked. I just said I have no idea what you are talking about you need to get over it and move on. Then she just went into her weird tirade. Then she brought up the argument I did have with his family and thought what the hell. I texted his sister not mad at her. I told her if she talks to her twin or her parents about me I don't care but please do not talk to this crazy woman and that she said they all hate me. She said that's not true at all.


Then I told the off and said she needs to see a therapist and called her fat and ugly. When she said she hopes he never gets sober I was like ? She's blocked now but I just don't get how people act like that.


No I don't like drama but I'm going to stick up for myself when someone is talking . I did block her. Miss that part? I forgot I had unblocked her to send her messages he sent me and show her she was getting played but that was like almost 3 weeks ago and then I said no more. She said no more until yesterday when he apparently had been ignoring her because he's not using anymore. She is.

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