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Feel like I need to contact her...


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Hi, everyone.

I am in the middle of a marriage break up, my story can be found on my other thread.

Its been seven weeks now, since I left the house, well kicked out.

I have since collected all my belongings and am currently at my mums, awaiting my flat, which I own , to be come vacant. Should be early October.

I have had no contact with the ex apart from a happy birthday text last week ( my bd).

She has cut all communications apart from email.

I have blocked on fb etc.

I just wanted to reach out to her, but just not sure if its a good idea or should I just get on with my life.


I composed the following email... But not sure if its right so send....


I will post it below

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I think he's waiting for a different place to become ready if I remember correctly..?


As far as the email I couldn't open it but I've read enough of them on here to tell you it won't change her mind and you'll just feel worse when you don't get the response you're aching for. Continue NC and do NOT send! It helps to write these letters however for you're own healing. I wrote my ex a long winded email I composed one morning not long after she left but I didn't send and kept it in my draft file. After rereading it a year or so later I literally cringed. Trust that the longer you stay NC your feelings WILL change. Eventually you won't want her back.

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