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depressed after sleeping with ex- need advice!?

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me and my ex broke up around 6/7 months ago he was at college and we both ended up in different relationships, both which didn't work out, we ended up agreeing to hook up after seeing eachother on a night out when he returned home, and decided to get into a no strings attached sex only relationship.

we were together for two years on and off and he was my first real love and always thought there would be a spark there, however when I saw him I realised how much he changed and told me how he cheated on his ex gf and slept with multiple girls, and during the sex I felt nothing and realised we had no real connection anymore.


Afterwards I sent him a message saying that it felt odd and it couldn't continue because there was nothing there anymore which he agreed to, but since i cant help but feel this emptiness and can't stop crying about how heartless he has come, I always hoped one day we may get back together but after our meeting its really settled in for me that we have completely grown apart and its left me feeling sick and depressed.

I want to arrange to meet him as friends as I don't want our last memory of eachother to be just some meaningless sex, to me he will always be someone special but I don't know if i mean that much to him atall anymore and scared if i arrange to meet he will reject me, do you think its a good idea to ask him and how do i move on from this sick feeling in my stomach when I think about it?

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You are trying to recreate something that no longer exists and trying to find a person that no longer exists.

If you need some closure, write him a quick message to wish him well, but anything more is pointless. He's not the same man anymore and dreams die hard, and this is one of them.

You'll eventually get over it completely, give yourself time.

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I have gotten into a no strings attached situation with an ex before and it does cheapen or tarnish the original relationship. I think it is a good thing that you see things as they now are. It can become like a habit to reminisce about the good times.

You need something new and productive to occupy your mind and keep you moving forward. The ill feelings you feel now will pass -I can guarantee you that. You might slip up but don't beat yourself up over it. When I was in that place you are I felt very alone -no one new and no one old to keep me occupied. So I decided to actually go on a solo trip -hiking and travelling on my own for a week. I told myself if I contact my ex after that it is okay because I will be a better person and in a better place after that. And I was. I knew I could stand alone and be proud of me.

You can't control what he does or what stupid things he has done, you can only start creating a better future now, so good you will forget all about him. Do things so cool and amazing that you can be proud of to say you have done. You don't want to meet up with him and the only thing you can say you've been doing is wallowing over HIS silly behaviour.

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