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Anyone had a dark chapter in their life that lasted a few years?


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About 2 years ago I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease in November 2014...then my dog of 16 years died a month later...then my grandma fell into a coma a few days after that. My two best friends lost their father and got distant from me for a while...my moms health deteriorated and finally...the girl I felt was the love of my life and I fell apart after 4 years.


It's been nearly 1 year since me and my ex broke up as well as last spoke and I've made such an amazing come back. My dating life is doing great, I feel very centered, most importantly my health is great. But I look back at what happened and wonder how so much bad happened in the span of 9 months from my diagnosis to my break up.


I think about how so many people have gone through so much worst...was wondering if any of you have gone through years where you felt life was truly just testing you?

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Hi, yes they do, and you sometimes wonder if you would be believed, cause that much bad luck surely can't happen to one person, but it can.


In Dec 09 I had a massive heart attack, out of the blue, at age 40. Nearly died but it wasn't my time. Lots of meds and surgery.


In March 10, I came home from work to find my ex being arrested for a made up thing from yrs before, something horrific but untrue, it was a nightmare for a month til it was proved his innocence.


In May 10, I found out, that he was cheating on me with more than 1 woman, devastated considering the previous few months that I stood by him with complete and utterly faith, in a situation where, I had social workers come to my home to make sure my kids were ok.


In September 10 I had another mild heart attack, despite reassurances by doctors that I was fine. Its a genetic flaw or something.


In Dec 10, 5 days before Xmas when I was at the panto it my kids, my house was burgled and trashed. Windows smashed, every room trashed, Xmas presents for my kids taken and the other presents trashed. TV, laptops, xbox etc all stolen, as well as gift cards and cash, and my car.


So, you see, you couldn't make it up, and if this had not happened to me in one year, I would certainly struggle to believe that anyone could have so much bad luck.


But as you say, you move past it and move on, in my case, I've had another yr of rubbish, that I'm currently working through, but know I will come out the other side.

Good luck and chin up to all x

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