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Ran into his friends

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Today I went out to dinner with a couple of friends. What I thought would be a nice evening with my friends turned into something else. My ex has a friend who works at the restaurant we went to (this friend, we'll call her "M") and I knew she worked there, but she usually worked in the mornings so I wasn't going in there expecting to run into her. M is best friends with my ex's previous ex girlfriend, so M never liked me to begin with. I had only met M twice, both times being at wakes for two of my ex's friends. M recognized me immediately, rolled her eyes when she saw me, and then sat my friends and I at a table, ignoring that I was there the whole time. Then, my friends and I saw M go and talk to the woman who was supposed to be our waitress. Apparently she switched tables with our waitress, so M ended up being our waitress for the night. Anytime she came to our table, whether it was to ask us what we wanted to drink, to take our order, or to ask if we needed anything else, she proceeded to roll her eyes at me anytime I said anything.


Anyways, my ex apparently has another friend who works there now (he will be "S"). S I had only met one time, and that was after my ex's best friends wake. My friends told me they saw M go and talk to S (they are friends as well) and saw them look over at our table. S was tending to tables outside and had not walked into the area we were sitting once, until he talked to M. S then walked by my table, looked at me and did a double-take and stopped and said "..Sarah..?" and I said, "Yeah... (insert name) right?" to which he responded, "Yeah! Hey, it's kinda busy here, otherwise I'd stop to talk, but it's nice to see you!" and walked away. He later ended up being the one to bring us our food. This time, he looked directly at me and asked me if I wanted free fries..? I was confused as to why he'd ask me this but I said no.


The different reactions from his friends had me thinking about what he has said to them about me or what they believe about the situation. My ex was playing the victim throughout our entire break up, even though he broke up with me randomly not long after our year anniversary, where he said things like he could see a bright future for us. He could never give me a direct reason as to why we broke up, and at this point I'm not expecting to ever hear the truth and I'm past it. He even came back and tried to convince me that he was the victim and that I was some ungrateful, unloving girlfriend who "only nagged while he was SO stressed out", which wasn't true. Not that I care what his friends think of me, it was just awkward to be sitting there trying to eat with my friends while his kept making their presence known.


I don't expect any feedback from this, but feedback is always welcome. I just wanted to let this out somewhere since a lot of my friends just started school and are busy. I don't want to bug them with something so petty, but I needed to let it out somewhere.

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