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Flirting with this girl


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Hi all, well i found this girl on facebook shes really nice we have been talking for the past 4 weeks and went out one time already on a date. We are so much alike, when we started talking she said that shes way over her ex and she doesnt feel anything towards him and its been 1 year since their broke up out of a 2 years relation. When we went out she put her head on my shoulders and almost slept, she hugged me many times, she was always close to me and im a body language expert, her body language showed as if shes really in love with me, there was a moment where our lips were just 3 cms far from each other for more than 10 seconds and then i decided to kiss her cheek because weeks back she told me that she needs time and i respect her. The next day she told me that its not gonna work out, she said even if it was james bond i dont think im gonna fall in love with anyone right now, even though what we had yesterday was perfect and so real, and the chemistry was amazing(this is what she said) then i asked her what the problem is, she said that she still sees her ex from time to time and sometimes they kiss even though he hurt her and betrayed her with another girl and shes trying to get over him but shes not able to, and she said that since their break up, im the only guy that made her feel attraction and chemistry. I have my way not to let her put me in the friendzone, and im sure if i meet her again the chemistry will still be there, do u guys think its a good idea to comfort her for a few weeks, let her have my shoulders to cry on knowing that chemistry will still develop and after that we will be toghether? Im really lost but i cant be broken again cz my last relation (with another girl)was for 4 years and we broke up 8 months ago.so help

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I know this is not what you want to hear, but a rebound relationship is not the best place to begin.

She has already been honest with you and told you she is not over her ex. She needs to heal and move past that before she can properly be with anyone.


This. And you can do this by letting her know that you're going to respect that by giving her space to contact you when she's completely over him. Part of the healing process is her dealing with the pain alone and learning to rely on only herself for whatever love and support she needs. If you do that in any way, you're already a great friend. Friend.

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