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Is she interested in me or am I giving it too much thought


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context: i've known this girl since middle school, probably been crushing on her since then, and we're both 23~ years old now.


Shes been my friend since then, after highschool I went off for university, now that I'm back I'm seeing her more often. She also broke up with her boyfriend of 2 years about 3 months ago now.


I've been contemplating asking her out for a coffee or something for so long, but I'm not sure if shes just being friendly or more. I don't wanna ruin an old friendship but at the same time this eats at me inside everyday.


I find she'll always try to stand beside me, sit beside me, and just try to engage with me. Today I was at a party and she was there, I was standing at the counter and she came back, at one point she brushed her hand over mine and looked my way but I was in a deep (not too sober) conversation about some irrelevant stuff. tbh, I'm not even 100% sure she looked at me after brushing my hand with hers, as I only saw it in my peripheral.


She'll try to always bring up a discussion with me and offer to go places. Like recently I mentioning going to the States to buy a phone, and she said that she wanted to come with me to go to a outlet mall.

Problem is, while I have known her for quite some time, I've almost never just hung out with her 1 on 1, usually another friend of mine, 'Pete', will be what brings us together. Pete is my good friend and also her good friend.


Also, I met a girl recently and we started hanging out, I was being a bit secretive about this but word got out and she kept pestering me if it was true or not. Is this her seeing if I'm still available?

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