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Weird feeling...is it hope?


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Since my boyfriend left me I've been crying off and on. But lately I've been getting this weird feeling that it's just not over. That there is still hope. I've been crushed by plenty of other people and I accepted what happened and was fine, but this feels odd. I feel sad, but I also feel like I'm just waiting. Like it's just a waiting game until we're both like "okay that time out was fun now kiss me" we haven't talked, I haven't see him, I don't know. Maybe I'm insane and this is a coping method, but I still hope.

What were the signs when you thought you could try again with that person? When was the right time?

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With my first ex we were on and off four seperate times in a year.


When we would break up I got the same feeling you did that it wasn't over. I contacted him after a month and we were back on again never resolving our issues.


If you decide to get back together I suggest you take it slow and as a fresh start with lots of open communication to resolve why you broke up in the first place, otherwise you will be on and off.


I would give it a couple more weeks to give space and then reach out by a simple hello and see how he reciprocates then the it from there.



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