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Apply for another job or stay?


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I'm looking for some advise regarding my career. I work at a large financial company in a call center environment handling calls with website issues. I've been here for 3 1/2 years and work with a great team and managers. Almost all of the people I have started my career with have moved on to other jobs or another company. My position generally seems to have a high turnover rate because it's just a base level job and you deal with angry customers all day on the phone.


There are times when I would like to try another job in the company; something more related to hands on Information Technology jobs ( I have a B.S. in computer science). I've be on a few overviews with colleagues in other jobs / departments I have shown interest in. They seem to enjoy what they do, but say they are always busy and challenged. They have schedules that are longer or later in the day compared to mine and often have to stay a little late to finish something they are working on. I leave on time at exactly 4:30pm everyday unless I'm stuck on a call which rarely happens. The things I'm always hesitant about is changing my schedule and being challenged too much. My job has the perfect schedule (M-F 8-4:30pm) with an hour lunch, pays $47k per year, have a wireless headset and an adjustable standup desk, I can mingle with coworkers throughout the day, and have tremendous flexibility with time off. My company gives me 5 weeks of paid vacation and I can also use flex time to leave early. Since there are several other people in my department that have the same job as me; I can get off anytime I want / need it. I generally use an hour of flex every week by taking shorter lunches and tend to take half days every Friday (something I most likely couldn't do in any other job due to less people). Another benefit is that I'm able to browse the Internet throughout the day between calls for things that interest me such as movies and politics.


My job is super easy and at times mind-numbing, but its not terrible to the point that I'm staring at the clock (the morning usually goes by very quick). I'm the only one here out of my team that full understands the website and systems. When I get a call, I'm able to resolve it in 5-10 minutes generally. After the customer says a few words or a sentence or two, I almost always have the solution in my head and can resolve it quickly. The others typically spend double that amount of time to fix the same kind of problems. I'm also involved in various groups / projects within my department. I'm also the lab manager / tech go-to guy; the one responsible in the group for keeping our PC's up to date. I train any new hires we get and often get asked by management / other team members for input for technology issues / updates. There isn't really any other projects that I can do, so I'm essentially maxed out in my role. I get a 2% pay increase every year, but my pay in this role will max out once I'm at $55k. That is a perfectly fine salary to live on, if you ask me.


I'm a very laid-back person and enjoy having things easy. I don't see work as something you have to enjoy; just something that pays the bills and allows you to enjoy things in your free time. Every time I see an Information Technology posting, I consider applying for it. However, my conscience tells me: "Do you really want to give up this gravy job for something unknown and stressful?" OR "You would be a fool to give up this schedule!". Any position I could apply for would only give me a 10% pay increase (basically an extra $4 or 5k a year). Doesn't seem worth it, to give up what I have because once I leave this position, I can't go back to it and any new position requires you to stay in it for 18 months before posting for something else. My girlfriend lives with me and makes a better salary. I'm always home before her so it gives me time to relax and make dinner.


Should I just stay where I'm at and just deal with having a boring job? What could I do to make my day more enjoyable? I know I basically already answered my question, but would just like to see what others have to say.

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It's really up to you. I had a stressful job in the early 2000s I loved it. Wish I was there today. But the whole 08 stuff happened. I was very much interested in what I was doing but there was massive time restraints. I was good at it though so I really enjoyed it.


Now my job is practically the most boring thing on earth. I literally do 3-5 hrs a week. Is it easy hell yeah is the pay as good? No but it's decent. So you ask would I give this job up? Yes I've been looking but it has to be the right job.


So my advise. You don't need a job you don't have to settle. If something that pops up catches your eye. Something that looks more interesting to you or is a decent % more. Then you might want to consider it. I know I have been.

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From what you describe of yourself, you have a golden job and in a way you kind of don't appreciate it enough because you haven't been beaten up by terrible jobs, high stress, bad bosses, long hours, tanking projects, getting thrown under the bus by incompetent co-workers who happen to be good office politicians, etc. Basically, if you ever lose this job you are in for a really really rude awakening.

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