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Is she interested or just being friendly


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I work in movies. I recently developed a crush on one of the actresses I'm working with, this doesn't happen that often with me. Throughout the project we would joke around a little bit in passing but never really had conversations. A couple times I could have swore she was checking me out. I would catch her looking at me and then quickly look away. One day we were walking down a hallway towards each other. When she saw me she gave me a big smile and tilted her head in a flirty way and said, "Well hello sir." My gut told me it was very flirty. There have been other times where she said hi like I was her nephew or something though.


We had a wrap party so I thought this would be my chance to see if things could go further. When I arrived I immediately started talking with a group of people and within a few minutes she came over, gave me a hug and said, "I'm really glad you came" in a somewhat shy and uncharacteristic voice. Initially I thought, Oh its on!! She's normally very animated, friendly and outgoing. She didn't do this with anyone else that I know of. We talked in the group for a little while, she asked me about my day and later excused herself to send a text. Not much really happened the rest of the night. I didn't get much of a chance to talk with her again. A handful of the girls were chatting me up and being flirty with me. So I was a little occupied and unfortunately I didn't take my shot. I didn't see any opportunities to get 1 on 1 time. At the end of the night she came over and gave me a hug and said goodbye.


People have told me I'm an attractive guy. A little boyish and cute. Pretty funny and sociable. Could honestly use a little boost in the confidence department. Anyway she is probably a 10 in the looks department. Absolutely flawless. And she is very sweet to everyone. She seems way out of my league but have been surprised in the past of the women who had crushes on me or who were interested in me. Recently a beautiful actress from a one day shoot who I thought was checking me out later found me on instragram and started messaging me.


Anyway what do you guys think from these interactions?


My personal thought is the checking me out and the flirty hi in the hallway are kinda meh. But the way she approached me at the party felt like something. If she were someone less intimidatingly beautiful I would have felt very confident making a move. After telling a couple girl friends about the way she approached me at the party, I got a "Whoah!" and "Oh my god thats a good sign, she did not have to do that."

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I have no problem with asking her out. It is something I want to do but it is going to be hard to reach her. The project is over. The party was pretty much my chance. When she came over to say goodbye I was talking to a producer who I want to keep working with so it would have been bad form to ask her out in that moment. She has an instagram and a ton of followers but hasn't posted anything in a long time and talks about how she doesn't do social media anymore. That is pretty much my only line to her. Can't ask for her number or email through work. I'm hoping that we will run into each other at some point at which I will definitely ask her out. But we live in a huge city. Should I try the instagram route?

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