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Worst Pick-Up Line Ever!


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So last night as I was waiting in line at the market, a man approached me and said "Hi, it's Judy, right?"


I was like "uh, no my name isn't Judy." After which he said "oh I'm sorry, I am pretty sure we've met before and I could have sworn your name was Judy"!


To which I replied, "no, I don't believe we've met before."


I am fairly certain he was trying to strike up a convo and I certainly wasn't making it easy for him! LOL


In any event, he ended up introducing himself and then asking my name and all sorts of other questions, and not to be mean but I just wasn't interested.


As I was walking home, I got to thinking... if this guy was trying to pick me up or get my number, that sure wasn't the way to do it!


Normally, when a man approaches me, he will compliment me, or the like, which I think is nice and thank him and sometimes will even chat with him a bit.


But to approach and pretend like we've met and call me by the wrong name?


I don't think so!


So my question to you guys is... are these pick up lines taught in a book or something? I seem to hear the same lines over and over, but gotta admit, this was a first.


What are some of the lines you use or have used? Do they work? Do you end up getting her number? A date?


Have you ever used the same line this guy did?

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I can see the slight annoyance at his approach, but I very rarely talk to guys who are hitting on me because there's a fine line between flirting and catcalling (IMO).


His approach almost guarantees some conversation and facetime... can't fault him for that!


Yeah you're right... I guess it's as good a line as any, and if I had been in a better (more receptive) mood, I may have even thought it was funny!


In fact, thinking about it now.... it IS sort of funny!


I feel bad now as I pretty much blew him off...

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One of my friends used to do something like this.


He'd go up to a girl in a store, read her name tag, and then pretend to know her name.


It was a funny routine.


He was doing it for a laugh though - not being serious.


I had a 5 minute cold-approach conversation the other day, and actually forgot to trade names with the girl. So no, this isn't a part of my shtick or anything

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Haha honestly I probably would've reacted exactly like you did.


A really good approach would be to do the name thing again then get close and say "you're right, I don't think we've met. I would surely remember meeting someone as beautiful as you" or something


Well that's pretty cheesy, but okay.... would have gotten a chuckle (and maybe a short conversation) out of me anyway, even though I would know it was a just a typical line. LOL

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Poor guy. Probably thought you were pretty and wanted to try to know you. No wonder dating in the real world doesn't work. I imagine on line is so much better.


Yea I thought that too. It wasn't the best line out there of course, but to be honest, I wouldn't have the guts to strike up a conversation with a random guy I think is cute, not many women would nor do they have to, or having to come up with witty conversation starters, so I do sympathise with the guys for at least having the courage to approach someone.

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Once my brother got hit on by a girl at a bar now this pick up line is bad:


Girl "Are you from Tennessee?

My Brother: um..no

Girl: oh because from here You're a ten I see




I think the guy at the supermarket could have had a different approach but maybe he was feeling shy and nervous.



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Ok Katrina, you are asking others to open their vaults, so what lines do you use?😉 It's only fair!


Didn't your mom ever teach you it's rude to answer a question with a question? LOL


I don't "approach" men. I will sometimes strike up a spontaneous convo though if the opportunity presents itself, like at a coffee shop or on the train, things like that.


Not even with the intention of getting his number or a date, but just to have a nice convo because I enjoy meeting and talking with different people.


I find the cold approach contrived and rather awkward.


Although I will thank a man when he approaches and pays a compliment, but no man has ever gotten my phone number or a date that way.


Your turn!!

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Looks like you blew that one, didn't ya... lol


You must've been having an off day.


Nope. That was a good set actually.


A lot of the time, I don't ask the woman's name until towards the end of a conversation. It's often when I get her number and need to put it in my phone, or when I get rejected and leave on good terms.


I'll ask her name, if I can't think of anything to say - or I've dived into an approach. Sometimes my feet move quicker than my brain.


This guy's game just sucked. How is he supposed to go from that opening line, to showing interest in a smooth fashion?


Man: "Hey, are you Judy?"


Woman: "No."


Man: "Can I have your number anyway?"


Woman: "No."


We all have the occasional bad interaction (I had one disaster about a week back, if you want to hear it but this guy is making things hard for himself.


No wonder dating in the real world doesn't work. I imagine on line is so much better.


Better how?


And of course it works. Just be direct with the girl, and be prepared to approach a lot.

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It wouldn't matter if he was the hottest man on Earth. That kind of approach would immediately turn me right off. I dislike being spoken to by strangers in public as it is, but pretending to know me? Nope.


I would be polite, but do my best to get out of there as fast as possible. Pick up lines in my opinion show an immaturity that really doesn't interest me. IF I was inclined to talk to random strangers in public, it wouldn't be because they mistook me for "Judy".


Now if they struck up a conversation in a bit more of an organic way and I felt like I was in a safe public space, MAYBE.


An example: behind me in the checkout lane. If random dude pointed at a purchase and said something like "I was going to get some grapes as well but didn't want to mortgage my house", then I might be a bit more responsive.

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