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How can I stop Crying during Confrontation?

Confront Crier

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Hi, I'm Confrontational Crier and I cry when I get frustrated or when people confront me or when I confront others. Help me please.


I am a young adult and often cry during confrontation if you didn't get that already. The worse thing is I get annoyed myself when I cry because I know I shouldn't be crying and I don't understand why I'm crying but I can't help it this frustration makes me cry even more. So you can see why this is a problem.


The confrontation varies but often with me parents or when I'm trying to get my point across or explain myself I end up crying because I suppose I can't handle my emotions? Perhaps I am overwhelmed but I would like it to stop.


Sometimes when I'm crying I realise how silly I look so I start laughing this means I'm laughing but also crying as I am still sad this may be perceived as weird and scary to others. Recently I have started to think about how it will effect me later on in life eg. The workplace as you can imagine crying when your talking with a co worker or boss would be seen as unprofessional. I don't want to look weak during confrontation and crying does make me look weak.


Any advice or help on how I can control this would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you,


Confrontational Crier

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I could be wrong, but it sounds like you may be a highly sensitive person (google this term and read up on it). I suspect there is more to this than just confrontational crying, but that's probably when you become the most frustrated with yourself because it's a very public and embarrassing experience. The good news is that there are ways to manage it. The other good news is that there is also a set of really useful traits that accompany it. You feel things more, you are empathetic, you appreciate beauty, you hear music differently. A lot of artists are highly sensitive as well. The key is to develop good coping mechanisms and outlets for your stronger-than-usual emotions.

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You may be a hormonal teenager who gets easily flustered when you talk to your parents. What do they say?

The confrontation varies but often with me parents or when I'm trying to get my point across or explain myself I end up crying because I suppose I can't handle my emotions?

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^^^ What gebaird said


I'm very sensitive and cry easily too. I always cry watching sentimental videos on Facebook, I cry when I see someone else crying (even on tv), I cry during movies, I cry when I'm mad. So I know how you feel! I read one time that looking up towards the sky/ceiling can stop you from crying. I've tried it, and it kind of works. Find some way to do it subtly, of course. Maybe just step away from the situation for a few until you get your emotions under better control. I've found once I start crying, I can't stop. So best to catch it before you start, if you can.

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This may sounds counter productive (but it works for me). When you are in confrontational situation just tell yourself silently : "Go ahead! cry! C'mon cry! You got to cry!" Interestingly, it actually become much harder to cry, and you don't even want to cry.

Also, just before you cry you'll notice you take shallow or quicker breath (or other characteristics). Change the way you breath as soon as you notice it, into that of deeper, continuous and slower breath.

Then you can cry later in a safer place.

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