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My boyfriend told another girl that he loves her


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It actually hurts to even think about this. Maybe I'm just really emotional right now and I need to get this out. Yes I've had plenty of problems with my boyfriend and his relationships with other girls. We've had fights over it many times, almost broke up because of it, and every time he tells me the same thing: all of his friends are girls and this is jus the way it is. So yes I already know all the reasons to this. There is one girl in particular who bothers me the most. She is so sweet and is always very nice to me. She's also very cute and very close to my boyfriend. She Tweeted: "Life sucks." And my boyfriend publicly responded to her: "ily." That was it. It felt like a knife to my heart honestly. Later I Tweeted: "I wish someone would say I Love You to me." I said this out of total sadness and helplessness. My boyfriend texted me a simple: "ily" later that night and asked what was wrong. I just told him I was having issues with my friends. I feel like he knows the real reason though. What hurts is that he's never really told me that he loves me and I don't know if he honestly feels any love for me. He can't even express affection towards me on social media but he will drop loving comments on his female friends' posts all the time. I don't know what to do, I'm tired of crying and hiding the way I feel. I wish he would just f-cking love me instead of lust for me.

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I can't understand why you stick around, if he doesn't meet your needs.


Listen, you knew who he was from the beginning, either you accept his friendships, or you don't. Your passive aggressive behaviour and insecurities are fuelled by his friendships. I suggest you find another guy, who is more likely to fulfill your needs!

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I see that you have been posting about your problems with this guy since the very start. You were advised to end it, and you agreed.


You continue to post about the same problem, and nothing changes. Nothing is going to change. Why do you continue to expect a different result.


When are you going to take some action, other than complaining about how he is mistreating you? You're not a victim, and prolonging your own unhappiness.

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@the OP, why don't you tell him what you just posted here? Just tell him that it bothers you and ask him where you two are at?

If he can't meet your expectations and needs, than call it quits. You are just wasting your time!


if I was you, I would have told him once, that bothers me, then leave it. I will give it about a couple of weeks and see if anything changes. If it doesn't, I'm gone. I would run as fast as I could. Sorry, but I would never cry over someone whom is that insensitive towards me and my feelings. Not worth the time and effort. You need to love yourself before others could love you!

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Didn't you have a conversation with him about it before, and you decided you were going to just be OK with all his female friends? And you were advised to NOT pretend you're OK with it just to keep him.


Well, I guess you're not OK with it, because here you are dealing with the same issue and upset about it.


Please do not pretend to be OK with something just to keep a guy! Because this is where you end up.


PS: You've only been dating for what, 4 months? And you've been miserable the entire time. Seems kind of obvious what you need to do.

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Okay, so I went back and re-read some of your previous posts. He wanted to break up with you a few weeks ago because you are always constantly unhappy and jealous of his girlfriends? You even said in that post that you are willing to accept him for who he is? So, I'm confused of what the problem is now? You are just repeating the same pattern over and over because you didn't really accept the fact that he has many girlfriends. You can't pretend to be okay with something just to keep the guy! You clearly can not accept it, it's a matter of time before your relationship is going to explode like a bomb! It's not going to work, you haven't been with him that long, cut your losses.

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