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I live in the county where a bus line operates from city to county. He keeps saying he can't wait til his scooter is fixed so he can come see me.He been catching the bus to my house. But this past week he got all the excuses y he cant come see me.


Trying to sound real sad on the phone. My mom lives 15 minutes from his mom house. I'm 29 by the way, wen I was down my mom house, he still had an excuse y he couldnt come see me. I found out about other women before. The last situation was back in June he was talking to a 17 yr old he is 31.


He been after her since I met him. Which is 3 1/2 Years ago. And trying to have sex with other women as well. I believe he got females calling his free phone. While I call the regular phone. Every time I try to move on he calls me a . N say thats y i aint got .He don't help me pay no bills. He take his money n pay his mom bills.


I'm sick of him thinking he can control me. And he does nothing for me. And he always out her disrespecting me. And blames me for his behavior. Honestly I don't even feel like investigating anymore. Every time I do I find out he been talking to another woman. I no he cheating on me but I have no proof.


And now that his brother is in the hospital with a stroke he using that as an excuse for him not coming to see me

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