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We broke up. I'm moving across country


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So I broke up with my...ex...still weirdly fresh to call it that.


We are 2 totally different people who make each other furious. He turned out to not only be someone I can't be with...but someone I probably would never have even been friends with.


Hyper (borderline crazy) sensitive. Which I found incredibly unattractive. He even has like a higher pitched voice when he's whining. He has no license at 27. No car. No ambition. No credit. Horrible low paying job that he won't even spend a minute looking for a new one. Yet he'll spend hours watching tv, playing a game or irrationally trying to think of an invention. If he spent even 5 minutes out of the hours he spends wasting times, on something important for his life. He might be slightly attractive to me. But I've completely lost attraction in the past 8 months or so. I'm the breadwinner and if he has to pitch in, he gets annoyed. Then pretends he's not annoyed. He's a begger for rides to work to me and his coworkers.


We live together. We don't talk. I'm always out during the day working or keeping busy. I go to bed early and wake up early. He spends the nights drinking now and staying up late and waking up at 3pm.


Anyways we're stuck in a lease for 6 more months. Of course I've planned on a plan of escape months ago. I have a 2 month buy out option. Or I can voluntarily surrender until it rents. (It's A highly desirable complex with a wait list-should end out working well).


I ask him what his plan is, he says, "it's none of my concern". And it's not...believe me...at this point I don't care where he goes or what he does. But I need to know for budgeting purposes and moving out for myself. I'm scared he has no plan on what to do. and will procrastinate and screw me over.


Once it's all said and done (hopefully soon) I will be packing everything, and moving from NY to Florida on my own to start over again. I've gone through breakups before but moving to Florida has been my dream and I'm sick of people or situations holding me back.

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Are you still living together? How much longer do you think you'll be staying? It sounds like the relationship was over long before the official breakup. I'm guessing it wasn't always like that, or you wouldn't have fallen in love with the guy. Is the lease in your name alone, or is it in his name too? Because if his decisions can impact you financially, then it is ABSOLUTELY your concern what he does. He may have no plan, or he may be thinking he can find some other poor girl to support him. I think making a clean break and moving to another state is a good way to remove yourself from the situation and never, ever go back. Stay strong and enjoy the better days ahead.

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Hi! Thanks for replying! We are still living together...in a 1BR apartment, he sleeps on the couch. Luckily our schedules conflict so I'm not near him all the time.

Yes this relationship in my head has been over for probably 6-8 months. Before that, he was great. He was no nervous and intimidated by me that he did everything for me. Little did I know he didn't have his license or a car. He told me in the beginning his car was "in the shop" he was embarrassed and not truthful on the bad stuff.


The lease is in both our names. He has no credit. I have good credit. He can't afford the place on his own, I can. It's a pricy apartment so I am going to do a 2 month buyout or sublet it. I will not let it effect my credit. And yes his decision does effect me financially, I have no idea if he's going to give me 1/2 months rent next month if he hasn't moved out by then. He's being a spiteful little brat. He thinks not telling me his plan is going to bother me. But I couldn't care less! I just want to know for the $$


Thank you for replying. My plan is to hopefully have him out by September 1st and then I'll stay here until end up September on my own. Right now is unlimited overtime season at work so I've been working 70-80 hours a week to try and save as much as I can to get down to Florida from NY!

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