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Reconnected and lost my girl again


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Hi folks,


Need your advice here. My ex and I broke up three months ago. We were in a 4-hour long distance relationship. She initiated the break-up due to my being weak and needy, and poor communication. After not speaking for quite some time, I reached out to her casually last month and we texted and called each other often. At the time, we agreed to meet up for dinner when I visit her country supposedly this month. However, since the last two weeks, I started trying too hard and became needy again.. like, she told me about her travel plans for next year, to which I reacted indifferently; when I felt she started acting distant, I started throwing manipulative lines to get her to respond quickly. She got pissed and told me to stop stimulating her by throwing serious topics then making it a joke. I apologized for it and she responded with "Okay".

Three days after that, I told her that I plan on coming over and if she has time, I hope we can meet for dinner. She said she's sorry but she doesn't want to meet because I'm not her type of person.


I know she only said this because she got really pissed off. Prior to that incident, we began to be good to each other again. Even talked about a few, intimate things.


I haven't spoken to her for 4 days now.. what should I do to make her realized that I was trying too hard the last time that I lost my sense in the process? Is sending an apology text or voice mail okay? Or should I just send a casual message with a simple sorry and how are you?


I still love her and I understand now that she wants to take things slow because I had always been the one to be pushy and forced things to which she said before that I was always rushing..and I have learned a lot so I know I am a much more patient person now.

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