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tumor in my head is dying!!!!

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Think most don't follow my journal anymore so for those, an update!

I had my mri today, 7 months after the radiation i went through for a benign tumor in my head, called an acoustic neuroma.....

Back in January the tumor had grown 1.5mm in 8 months time, now in 7 months time no growth!!!!

And most important, in the tumor were clearly visible, black spots, and those black spots mean that no blood can get into those areas anymore, and according to the doctor this means the tumor is dying!!!!!

this is the best possible result we could have hoped for when we did the radiation!


Shrinkage will not happen for at least another year but at least it won't grow anymore....

Just the trigeminal neuralgia is still very bad, pain is very bad at the moment and since the tumor isn't bigger than in January, that isn't the cause.

Doc thinks the tumor pushes a vein into the facial nerve and hopefully if the tumor shrinks that will go back to normal again, but that is by no means certain.

If i can't handle the pain anymore or get tired of the side effects from the meds than he can perform some procedures to stop the pain.

All of them however have bad side effects so i don't want those unless i have to....


But anyway, tumor is dying!

And all of you on here who have been there for me the past year, a big thanks! This support has helped me a lot!

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Yayyy that's great news!!! I am really happy for you!

PS - fingers crossed your date goes well too!


Thank you, i hope so too!

I really like this man and he has been there for me from day one since i found out about the tumor and i gradually fell for him so yes, i really hope it goes well!

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For now the pain is really subsiding which is great timing for my date!

And we are going to celebrate my tumor news together! Only fitting, he was there for me since day one after i got the diagnosis, so only right he is there to celebrate this big step with me!


Weird thought though, something in my head is dying.......

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Me too! I'm smiling like stupid today! Had a 5 and a half hour long date and it was great! I'm in love!

He brought be a huge bouquet of flowers and a gift card from an expensive perfume store! So sweet but so unnecessary....

He's great! Sigh!

I also told him what a huge support he has been this past year and he got so shy....aww lol

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