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Hey Readers,


Here's a bit of background.. My ex an I have been on and off for like going on forever now. I've finally found it in myself to let the relationship go, just recently. Not only was it becoming toxic, he has just been a flat out jerk to me since the breakup. I've begged him to take me back, blown his phone up 70 million times, you know typical crazy ex girlfriend tendencies. So I've been strict NO CONTACT. I've been hearing from mutual friends, he's living it up and going out constantly. An i'm just at home playing Sims and ordering pizza on the weekends.


Today he text me asking if I've mailed his belongings back yet, an if so to where. He's stated before that he wants nothing to do with me, and that the clothes have no value to him. So why now all of a sudden he's concerned if he'll be receiving it or not. I'm confused. Is this away for him try and start a conversation with me. Or does he really want his old raggedy clothes back.



Any insight would be nice.

(I know it seems i'm over analyzing, which I clearly am.) Seeking for advice helps me cope.


Thnak-you readers

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You should be no contact and blocking him. Just get in robot mode and send the crap back with a brief text as to the location. If he wanted you back, that would have been mentioned.

Today he text me asking if I've mailed his belongings back yet, an if so to where.
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If he wanted you back, he would have said so. So....it's option B - he figures it's safe to ask for this carp back.


Do yourself a favor and just put all his carp together and give it back to him and then block him for good. It will be a nice closing, cleansing gesture for yourself. You might even feel better after that because you've asserted just a tiny bit of control over your life back.


Also, maybe get in touch with friends, join some meetup groups, join some hobby groups, start getting out of the house yourself. You'll feel better, trust me you will. Leaving the house might be hard and you might have to make yourself do it, but....you'll be glad that you did soon enough.

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I would continue with the NO CONTACT - send his stuff back - cleanse your house of everything that was his, then contact his friends and let them tell him where you have sent his stuff. Don't spoil your progress by contacting. You made the right decision and so what if he is going out - nothing to do with you now. Tell the friends you do not wish to hear about him so kindly keep all the gossip to themselves.

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There is no ploy, no hidden agenda, not a way to get you back. He is done with you and you should have it in your head you are done with him. If you have mutal friends you can box up his clothes and give it to them or if you want to take the time and spend the money to mail his stuff you can do it that too. If he wants his worthless stuff back then give it to him. No need to ever reach out and contact this guy again. Start a new chapter in your life without him

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