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Had a beautiful heart to heart with husband's sister


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My husband's sister is here to visit . We were out to dinner and we were all talking about FIL's health. Then my hubby went to the washroom. I got very tearful and told my SIL that my husband will be very devistated when their father dies. I said, " your dad is his hero. He totally idiolizes your dad. " She had huge tears in her eyes and said , " thank you so so much for that. I hope he knows dad loves him so so much and is so proud of him. " I cried too and said, " all he has ever wanted is his dad's pride in him. " she answered , " dad may not hug him and very seldom express it because he is very very old school but he loves him so much so let him know. "

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All he said was , " I know" lol. My husband is not really a feelings discusser .


But my husband has suffered a lot emotionally over his life by his dad not offering enough emotional kindness and giving too much criticism. My sister-in-law was offered verbal affection all the time because she was a girl. My FIL is of a generation were you had to " toughen up" your boy and treat your girl like a princess. So I was glad to see she kind of admitted he got the short end of the stick. But it's great to know that his dad is proud of him and does love him. All my husband has ever wanted in his whole life is his dad to be proud of him because he idolizes his father.

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