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Coworker feels picked on so...


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Being caught up I decided to go through her accounts. Make calls but no voicemail, if I got a hold of a person work the account otherwise move on.


I see why they are angry with her. Untouched new accounts from June. What is she doing all day? Insurance claims not started or processed, payments not being collected on.


I was shocked. If docs needed to be sent I sent her an email advising her because they need her contact info not mine. Also sent a few emails outlining instructions she's missing on handling her claims. They have a supervisor sitting right next to her. I hunt for assistance. I exceeded goal, my accounts are handled. A few accounts I need additional help with but huge difference.


Really she is not cutting it. I got a straight up view of how awful her processing is. I tried to help and she said my doing her work and relaying what she needs to handle was pushing her too hard. She is always flustered, started smoking, and missing her work.


I'm not even sure how to tell her what I know. She needs to get situated or I forsee some nice accounts coming my way.

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Sounds like she is sinking fast. I would back off for now and when her accounts float to the surface after she drowns, you can pick 'em up. But say/do nothing for now. Even if she asks.


Thanks I'll just say calls to make and move on. I did quit her stuff and go back to my own, but I'm wondering if I should fill Mgr in on what I noticed. Because after that I think they may be keeping her because I befriended her in training. But after getting to know her I do not like her.

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but I'm wondering if I should fill Mgr in on what I noticed.


For my personal taste, that is a little jobsworth to be honest, overstepping the line. This will work itself out professionally.


Are you really saying you think they will blame you for this because you made friends with her in training and that's why they hired her? If so, that's untrue. You never made a formal recommendation. Not one that you've mentioned anyway.


The fact that you've spotted this proves that you're excellent at your job. If it was me, I'd take that away from it, but I'm not sure I'd go telling managers and stuff. You'd be surprised what they already know a lot of the time. And I'm not sure that people informing them about coworkers always necessarily goes down as well as you'd think.


It depends. If you are officially culpable in saome way for these accounts not being done then maybe think about reporting it. if it's nothing that will affect you I personally would leave it.

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Thank you. Oh they know tons. I know because of what mgr has told me about how I was doing things when I started.


I'll leave it all alone now. And try to distance myself from her. It's hard to do, I've already been trying to. Just was bored that day and she was stressed, just tried to give her a helping hand.

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You're making a good choice. Distance is good. She is massively behind in her work and the work atmosphere reflects that. I have a strong feeling that you alerting the manager would be unnecessary as its very likely he knows what's going on already.

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Hi Jetta,


Not sure about the back story of this issue but it seems like you have it under control!


I can see why you don't want to have any blame shifted onto yourself but from what I've read up to now, it doesn't seem like you're in any danger of that at all.


It's always hard when you're friends with a coworker but an issue purely to do with work which conflicts you arrives - the friendship can often cloud judgement/make things awkward. Just as my ten penny and probably to play devils advocate here, I would also try and put yourself in your coworkers shoes. Is she struggling for reasons that could be easily resolved with more training, help or instruction?


I currently left my job and the new girl that took my place seems great, but I understand how hard it is to take a new role on, so I added her on Facebook after getting on with her on our handover week and took her to message me privately if she ever struggles with anything. Sometimes people spiral into a cycle of helpless flummoxing if they never ask for help to start with and then go unchecked - the problems build up and then they feel like it's too late to ask or turn back.


Good luck with this!


Lo x

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I appreciate your response. Truthfully she's a slow learner. Takes longer for her to learn the task. I have repeatedly told her ways to find her accounts, we work in a few systems. She keeps working off the paper list, which is not the way to go because they collect some of them, usually return them but not always. So she doesn't have the full list.


I emailed her the steps she is missing because it's written down, not just verbal. Things move fast there. Which is the bit of a challenge I enjoy. Its not a mundane job to me. I have to use my brain there. I'm using skills i have acquired and developing more.

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I understand!


I've recently left my office job for two and a half years and I will probably only keep in touch and see on a regular basis one person out of the 15 that worked there. That's the way it goes. I think you know deep down if she's real friend material or not and from your response I think I know your answer!

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