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Relationship without a title


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I'm in a confusing relationship. She wants to call it friends with benefits, but it is more like a relationship to me. We have sex. We normally spend a good amount of time together. We care about one another, we fell in love with one another. We are actively involved in all parts of each others lives. She won't say it but I know that it would bother her to see me with another person. I know I would do anything for her. But she still doesn't want the title.

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Do you know why she insists on that? Won't admit feelings? Wants to play the field/ be single? Wants to sounds cool, open and trendy?


Call her bluff...Ask her if you are exclusive and if she's been tested for stds lately...see how she responds.

She wants to call it friends with benefits
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"She wants to call it friends with benefits"


Then that is exactly what it is. The reason she might be upset to see you with someone else is that they'd be taking away her play toy. But as things stand she can screw anyone else anytime. And may well have. Think about that.

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