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EMERGENCY: Long distance relationship


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I've been with this girl for 8 months. i met her thru a friend of her's that i met in a group. i live in u.s and she lives in Europe. We had arguments all that but we also had our happy moments. We haven't met yet but she introduced me to her family 3 months after we started talking. i never introduced her to my parents because i was afraid we'll never work out. i just wanted to go with flow. We planed on getting married and we were madly in love. I've been helping her thru family problems and somehow i got involved in 1 5 months into our relationship. her older sister hated me but i was cool with her parents. the friend that introduced us caught feelings for me and they hate each other now. in early July she stopped our relationship just before she went to another country to visit her aunt because "i don't listen to her". there was a guy staying with her aunt. me and her were normal for first 2 weeks of her visit. i almost got her back but she saw i added girls on Facebook so she got mad and said i was right to call it off. 3 days later, all of sudden she told me she likes someone else ( the guy staying with her aunt who likes her). Her and him been hanging out and talking and that she doesn't love me anymore. i believed it and and she kept blocking me everywhere and even he contacted me saying leave my girl alone..so for 2 days i didn't talk to her. the girl that introduced us i looked up to her as a friend because she was the only one i knew from her side. so i told her everything. she screenshots and sends it to her and she got mad and blocked me. the girl that caught feelings for me contacted me saying she still loves u, don't give up. i was like how? she said she lied to u, she only broke up with u because she didn't believe you were gonna work out. she still asks me how you are doing. i spoke with her and she said " yeah i'm sorry i lied but i'm with this guy now and i made a mistake that time telling her friend to ruin their relationship and she found out and got mad. after she said she is with him and that me and her wont get back together, we havent had much contact because she was blocking me and i haven't been talking to her. I contacted her days later because i was still depressed and told her i'm sorry for trying to ruin your relationship, forgive me. and we had contact again. she was talking to me like old times and telling me the guy she was with kept getting mad because she kept comparing him to me. we were normal (him and her broke up). She kept telling me about their problems and she was being sad because her text to him didn't deliver then i told her friend i was losing feelings for her and told her whatever me and the girl i'm trying to get back talked about. she screenshoted and sent it to her. (i'm an idiot for contacting this girl but i keep thinking she'll help me get my girl back) she blocked me everywhere saying thx for being here and telling people my bussiness. i can't believe i trusted you. i reached out to her today to tell her i loved her and wanted her. she told me there was a chance of me and her getting back together but i ruined it when i told other girl she hated to ruin her relationship. she said i didnt want her to be happy and just the way i been reacting. i told her to call me and she said she'll call me after she talks to him but called me first. i told her i loved her and wanted her back and that i'll introduce her to my parents and we'll meet up and get married. she kept saying no you had your chance and all that. then hanged up on me mins later cause she promised to call the other guy before she hanged up she said you ruined it. i don't love u anymore. she called him and they talked for an hour. that whole time i kept messaging her telling her to call me, i was eager. they talked and she responded to my messege saying i'm sleepy. i wrote her a long messege telling her i loved her and only wanted her and all that. she said we are back together and i love him. bye. she blocked me. i don't know what to do anymore. i love this girl but she is playing with my heart plz help me... is it possible she loves someone else in 2 weeks? she gave him a chance already and she's going to see tomorrow. he lives in France and thats how they met when she was with her aunt. her aunt and her went to Switzerland last week. they haven't seen each other since but she is going to visit him tomorrow before she gets back home. is there hope for me anymore or should i just let her go?

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Its obvious that you're young. Too young to be getting rship advice you should be single talking to multiple women figuring out what you like. And you damn sure shouldnt be stressing on someone LONG DISTANCE. Im telling you i been there and done that and im only 26 if you guys are meant to be it will happen later bro.

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Long distance relationships can work, but in those cases THE PEOPLE HAVE ACTUALLY MET IN PERSON.


You have an electronic "relationship" with a computer screen, a phone and a keyboard.


I too presume you're really young or you would realize that promising to marry someone you've never met is completely unrealistic. And that all this drama over an image on a screen and a voice is really kind of silly.

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