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I like a girl but she sees me as a brother please help


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I have a small problem with a friend of mine. I like her and i have told her but when I did she told me she saw me as her brother. Also when I told her she said she couldn't see me as anything more than that and I know it's really cliche but it broke my heart because I have had feelings for her since we were 11 and now we're 16. So my questions is, is there a way to change how she feels? Any advice is appreciated.

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You are in what's called the friend's zone. Once in the friend's zone, always in the friend's zone.


I know you are stuck on this girl but you need to find a replacement, rather than living a quiet life of desperation. There are tons of other beautiful, single girls out there. Go find one who thinks you are attractive.


If you'll date girls who like you first and a lot, you'll have less problems.

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There is no way to change how she feels - you can't make someone feel something.


I've had that happen in the past where someone said they loved me like a brother. It was tough to hear and I had to put some distance between me and her. Do that if it helps, or if you think you can just be friends, do it... but don't keep hope she is going to change her mind or something.

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She made it clear about how she feels, so you really can't force/make her change her mind about it.

Just hit up the mall and get some numbers from girls like every other teenage boy does? If anything, she might get a little jealous after hearing that your talking to other girls. So future possibilities could be interesting?

Ether way, you will be able to move on and forget about it because you will be to occupied with the new friends you have made and setting something up with them.

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