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Hiya... so my ex boyfriend and I have been together for 5 years. We broke it off about two weeks ago and mutually wanted to stay friends.


We broke up because of many reasons.. stress from work.. college.. my parents aren't particularly making it easy between us. Too many expectations and pressure. It's been restraining in our relationship because we're never there for each other because of our schedules and the fact that I'm not able to drive yet.


Anyways we still want to hang out.. such as going to the movies.. netflix.. It's like hanging out as friends.


Also my ex boyfriend has been texting me more than usual.. asking my day and he's very immediate about wanting to see me. He's made advances on me which I refused. He's even asked me how I took the break-up. He seems as if he's waiting for everything to progress until he comes after me..


Anyways I don't see a problem with going on dates with him. Because I do miss him. However I still want him to respect me as a friend.


However is this fine?


Is there maybe something that I'm not seeing? Could this be wrong? I'm trying to be wary that he does not take advantage of me but that we purely just have fun because he's fun to be with besides our romantic relationship before.

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Sounds like he wants to get back together or be FWB. If it isn't mutual, then I don't think it's fair to lead him on... Are you open and up front with him that it is 100% over or are you leaving the door open to getting back together? It's tough to break up after 5 years and just jump straight into a friendship immediately without time to heal from the breakup.

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