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What are Chance of commitment when beaing stringed along?


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Even if it happens, it never lasts. Someone who disrespects you that much early on is never going to fully commit. Move on if this is something you're hoping for from someone who has been stringing you along. It is pathetic and a waste of time to try and make someone want to be with you who doesn't.

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The chances are not good, Ell. He has been pretty clear with you that he doesn't want a relationship, right? He's being honest with you, no matter how much it hurts to hear. For your own sake, you should believe him and move on. There are men out there who will commit to you and have the same level of feelings. This guy isn't it.


I'm sorry you're hurting.

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Sweetie you've never even met met each other. There is zero future in this contact, i don't call it a relationship cause it isn't.

He himself said it's just for fun, when guys tell you something, listen cause they mean it!

Move on and forget about this guy and next time find someone local cause these LDR's almost never work when you haven't even had a foundation first.

You don't even know what he smells and feels like and both are important in a relationship.

This is nothing, just a contact for passing the time and having some fun but nothing serious.

You only hurt yourself but continuing it.

It's not a boyfriend, it's someone you met online and can talk to online.

He himself doesn't even want anything more so stop fooling yourself!

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The terms are mutually exclusive. Either someone is seeking commitment or they are not and string you along. Perhaps you are using the wrong terminology? Describe what you mean by 'strung along' and 'commitment'

Is there is any posibility that guy who string you along turn relation into commitment. Does this ever hapen? What is your opinion? What are Chance of commitment when beaing stringed along?
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I'd like to know how you would allow yourself to be "strung along" by someone you've never even met? If he's stringing you along, why not just stop the contact altogether and go outside and get yourself in the position to meet someone in person? What fear or restriction keeps you from finding someone in real life?

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This guy has not been leading you on at all. You're doing it to yourself.


I read your other threads and he's pretty clearly told you this is just to pass the time and he is not serious about you.


No matter how many times you ask no one is going to tell you he will change. Because he won't.


Stop acting so pathetic and attached to some guy you don't even really know. You've wasted about 2 years on an idea, a fantasy, not a real person. You haven't ever met him, how could you possibly be this obsessed and attached?


You need to move on from this situation. Stop asking for advice, you've received the same advice over and over. It's time to take the advice and use it. Become a stronger person.

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