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Having crush with coworker


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Dear All,


I got this crush that is hindering my life. This new colleague just joined my company 1 month ago.


Currently she is attached to my department for a few months.


Once during lunch, she mentioned she was not feeling well.

I casually asked if she wants medicine since I have it.

I went google and research on my medicine because she was allergic to some medicine. I sent email to her say its fine and placed it on her desk.

Wonder did I overdo it.


Then there was once my colleague ask me to get some info from her. I was so scared going to ask her desk and ask.

I have no choice but to go. Lucky I do not need to work with her a lot.


When I see her in office I look flustered, or when she come near my desk my heart will beat very fast.

I look shy to girls that I like. Although I tell myself so what if she knows, actually I am feeling scared in my heart.


She is also my lunch group. The group range from 5 to 8 people. When I walk beside her I feel the awkwardness because I am someone

that is not sociable. I am trying my best to avoid her during lunch. like not walking beside her. I don't know if my

actions too obvious. Eating lunch is a stressful thing for me now.


We are both married. I am feeling gulity towards my wife because I hate myself for feeling like that.


I hope I can pass these tough period soon.


Please help me


Thank You

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What I always say is imagine her on her period, sitting there farting and munching her way through a box of quality street, and nagging you to do the dishes.


Crush = over, hopefully.


Crushes are usually when you're building up an imaginary image of the person in your mind. Chances are if you got to know her, you'd find she wasn't like you imagine at all.

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Thanks for the wonderful response. I felt better after letting out.


I am just an average looking guy in this world. It is almost impossible to have a girl like me.


I know is normal to have crush, but I am trying to stay professional but obsessing myself at work. I still have the young boy shyness where when i might blush when I talk to her.

Question: Girls can you sense when a guy likes you?


I was dumbfounded when she show me something on her mobile, despite knowing her in short time.


I will try to be natural when i talk to her next time. It is dam hard but I hope I can do it. It is draining my energy at the moment.

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We are both married.

^ THAT is all that is relevant in your entire post (imo). That is where your focus should be and don't lose that focus. Also, it sounds like your crush is more than that to you. Don't cross that line.


It is almost impossible to have a girl like me.


You said you are married. Obviously your wife liked you enough to marry you, right? Why are you looking for other girls to like you?

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