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Got something on my mind. I've had this friend for awhile. We always knew eachother. I've always known her family, and friends. We didn't start hanging out with mutual friends until about 3 or 4 years ago and now we both can say we are best friends. We can meet up for a drink one on one and just talk about anything. I wouldn't call it a date either. But I do have to say she does dress up nice for me and just makes herself look good. Or atleast I think she's does for me...... I have feelings for her.


About 2 years ago I asked her out on a date and she said no. I was kinda upset about that but I can understand because I was a few months out of a relationship.


Well anyways a few months ago it was her birthday. I bought her some flowers. Nothing over powering, just something to say that I like you and I was hoping she would get the message but she didn't. About a month later it was my birthday. We all went out with some friends and it was a good time. She didn't get me anything for my birthday. I was kinda Hoping she would but she didn't. not even a card or a kiss on the cheek..... Nothing. At that point I said screw it and I'm done with her. I wasn't a jerk or anything I just gave up on her. I'll admit I was a little

Snappy with her at times. Then one day she asked me out for a drink. When we met up she asked me what was wrong. I wasn't ready pour my guts out to her cuz I knew nothing would come of it and I just didn't want to make our friendship awkward. I just told her I had some work issues and I was nervous of getting laid of from my job. I mean after that night I kinda told myself just to forgive and move on..... And literally that was it. I gave up feelings for her and moved on. I mean if she opened up to me then yea my feelings for her would come back.


Well recently she's been showing me attention but only really when she's been drinking. We went out for a friends wedding party and she kept getting all cuddly and touchy touchy with me. Nothing innapropriate but everyone was questing me when I wasn't with her. And then my feeling came back. All our friends keep Telling me how they think she likes me and blah blah blah. All our friends know how I feel about her but she's the big question. Even her best friend is one of my good friends and she says she doesn't talk about her feeling with her.


It kinda sucks because I wish she would open herself up to me when she hasn't been drinking. I would never take advantage of her when she's been drinking. I have feelings for her and I'm not going to do that.


I want to open up to her but I can sense that she'll either be awkward about it or just love the attention from a boy. Plus I don't want to make our friendship weird.


I don't think she's ever been in a serious relationship before. I do know that guys have asked her out before and she's said no. I don't know. Anyone ever been in a similar situation before?

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