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His Dad is Super Overprotective


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So, i am in a band with a kid [at a music camp] who i like alot and i'm pretty sure he likes me. We talk more and hang out more than anyone else in the band. One of our instructors is his dad, he is the supreme drum coordinator. I play drums, and my crush plays drums, so i signed up to be in the same workshop time as him, because i wanted to be with him. Well, his dad hates me and he moved me out of my crushes class to seperate us. He hates me so much and now i get to be in a class with no one i know. I know his dad sees my attraction to him, i smile and talk to his kid alot. When we take a break, or when there is a pause in the music, i often turn around from the mic [i also sing] and smileor talk to him. At every moment, his dad is watching me like a hawk. I think he recently told my crush to stay away from me, he ignored me this entire day. To make it worse, his dad smirked at me alllll day. Please help, i have no idea what to do. Thanks so much,


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You can't do anything, let this one be. Will you even see each-other again after camp?


P.S. Coming from someone who has extremely overprotective parents, the dynamics will only change if the child stands up for themselves or gains Independence. He's obeying his parents wishes, so nothing will change.

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