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Friends and gf hanging out


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I am a logical person, but I am illogically annoyed about a problem.

I am home for the summer and my girlfriend is on campus doing research. Also, 2 of my 4 friends in my friend group are taking classes. I love the friends and my gf obviously.

I can't stand, however, that they have spent the last 2.5 months hanging out.

Most people have the problem of their friends not likeing their gfs. Why I am having this problem?

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Are these friends of yours male or female?


Random guesses:

Feeling left out, or like you're missing out on something?

Jealous? Feeling threatened? (either that she'll hook up with one of them, or like them more than you, or that they'll all forget about you)

Afraid they'll talk about you while you aren't there?


I can't think of any other possibilities right now, but start with those and see if any of them hit a nerve.

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