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Insecure Friend or secret lover?

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This is my first post. Any way to put the story sort my partern has a friend who seems to be in constant drama in her life and be incredibly insecure chooses the wrong kind of men. She has been in his life for six years but she is best friends with my partern ex. About a week ago I went through his phone and looked at some messages I just have a gut feeling about her something isn't right. Well there was a picture of her in her underwear. He is with her tonight as I'm on a night shift. Plus she has offered him a job in the place she works. I don't trust her why would you send a intimate picture to a friend? His behaviour isn't right he never wants sex. He flys off the handle when I question him or confront when something has pissed me off. He has this righteous attitude which I don't know where it has come from. Basically I don't know what to do. Someone please help. I just can't forgive it in my heart it's left me feeling confused, angry, upset, untrusting and feeling like a mug really

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