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Hello i'd like to ask for advice on how to think in a more positive way about my situation. Basically I started college at 19, was supposed to finish my biomedical science degree at 23 but I had a lot of problems in my life the first two years I did relatively good, almost all classes done good grades, then my grandpa past away I suffered from seeing him go weaker and weaker and suffered from my mom having to take care of him, I felt for her, he died of alzheimer, my parents also broke up, I realized my dad wasn't 100% sane, but i've come to accept him for who he is, it still affected me a lot, my mom had to move away for a while to take care of my sick grandma, i'm really close to my mom, and I had a love disappointment, all this in 1 year so when I was 22 in my 3rd college year I basically failed all classes and I couldn't take it anymore I had to leave college and been having anxiety problems, I know people who had way worse lifes and managed to be productive but I couldn't now i'm returning to college at 24 will finish it at 26 and I feel so bad that I didn't finish it like all my colleagues at 22-23-24 years old, I feel like no matter how good I do I've failed it makes me sad.

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it is great that you are talking about this stuff and asking for help, this is an important step! congratulations


what you need to realize is that it is never too late to start anything. age is just a number, there are people way older than you who are still figuring out what to do with their lives. you are still young.


the best way to stay positive is to recognize that it is a choice. take a step back and look at your options for moving forward successfully. list them on a paper if you have to! nothing wrong with that.


next, is to evaluate each option and get your closest friends input on it. because you need the advice of people who care about you, they will tell you things that you may not have considered.


start with this, and see where it will take you

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You have been thru a lot and now you have to get yourself back on track. There's no shame or anything negative about taking time off from college, so dont feel bad that you didnt finish your course when you thought you would. Go back to school, apply yourself, and odds are you will complete the classes successfully. A bunch of bumps in the road makes you stronger, so go for it!

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Only way to fail would be if you just quit and don't complete what you set out to do.


Other than that, once you are out of high school, nobody really cares about when you graduate and how old you are. Lots of people take gap years in college for all kinds of reasons either because of life problems or simply by choice. This is not a race. Also, once you are out in the working world, the ONLY thing anyone cares about is what you can accomplish and nobody cares how you got there or how long it took you, only results.

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