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Love hurts


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Since it hurts so much, why don't one stop? For example you touch a hot kettle and it hurts, you wouldn't touch it again. Either you love again or you don't fall in love again.


If you really fall in love, it will hurt

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There are also many good things about it. Everything hurts. Being in love hurts, being a parent hurts ,being a wife hurts being a husband hurts, being alone hurts. Everything is going to hurt at one point or another. What matters is how we rise to the challenge and go beyond.

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Everything in life is this way. Not just love. So why don't we all just give up and kill ourselves? Because pain is a part of life. Without it we cannot appreciate pleasure and happiness.


Everything is impermanent therefore at some point it will go away and cause you pain. Anytime you seek pleasure it's accompanied by some sort of pain. You go on a great vacation, there's pain when it's over and you have to go back to work. You eat a donut, it tastes great but then you feel sick and fat after eating it. You find the love of your life but one day they will die. Such is life.


Pain is an unavoidable part of life but you can learn how to deal with it. Keep in mind life is a cycle of ups and downs. You're down right now, you'll be up again and then down again, on and on until the end of your life.

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you touch a hot kettle and it hurts, you wouldn't touch it again


But you will risk getting hurt again to use the kettle! Same goes with love. It's a risk you take. You could either come out having the greatest feeling ever or the worst feeling ever. The question is, is it worth the risk?

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How do I feel safe in the relationship? I am scared to fall in love again. I am withholding my emotions for fear of hurt. In the first two relationships, I gave my emotions freely. But now as a way of self protecting, my emotions can't be released so easily .

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I think pregnancy, childbirth and parenting is the best example of love. A mother goes through so much to bring a child into the world. Nausea, food aversions, cravings, weight gain, back pain, foot pain, incontinence. And at the end of the nine months, when all of that begins to come to an end, even more pain is promised. A terrible, excruciating pain that lasts for hours. She cries, she begs, she swears at her partner and her doctors, she is the most miserable she has ever been. And yet, at the end of it all, the doctors place her child in her arms and she is so unbelievably happy and satisfied that she would do it all over again.


It continues into parenthood. Babies are the most selfish beings on the planet. They need constant looking after. Changing, feeding, burping and rocking to sleep. They cry for no reason sometimes and they don't care if its 3 am and the parents have to get up for work in the morning. As they grow, they draw on walls, break parents valuables, throw embarrassing tantrums in the store, constantly wreck the house after its been thoroughly cleaned and organised and cost SO much money that some parents have to work two jobs just to pay bills. And yet, people would jump infront of a bus for their kids, spend their last $10 on a toy for their kids, endlessly brag about and show off their kids. My mom always tells me how having kids ruined her life but she would do it over again in a heartbeat.


Why? Why would anyone be so selfless for beings that are so selfish and destructive? Love. Parents love their kids more than anyone else on the planet and no matter how horrible their kids are, a parent will always do all they can to protect and care for them. Love hurts but without it, what are we? Our society was built on the backs of the loving past generations because they wanted their descendants, you an I, to live in a better world. Without love, we are hairless apes, running around the world with no purpose, no drive.

Without love, people disintegrate into nothing. They have nothing to work for, to get up in the morning for, to live for. Knowing that someone out there cares about you and needs you is a basic human need and people kill themselves without that it.


So yeah, love hurts. But not loving? it isn't even worth it.

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