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Help with ex girlfriend of almost 2 years

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Hello guys,

Im going to do a brief resume of my story.

This girl, we started dating in high school, we dated for almost 3 years. We had a great time but with time our relationship became to fade because of my lack of trust with her. I was very selfish, i would get mad at her for simply hanging out with her friends (ridiculous i know) and we were allways fighting.

She broke up with me and for as far as 7 or 8 months after the break up we would still hangout sometimes and be together ( if you know what i mean).

After that she began ignoring my attempts on talking to her wich lead me to say very bad things to her. This happened Until the day i finally stopped talking to her.

This happened about 9 months ago, we had no contact ever since.

This week i decided to write her an email, so i could achieve some kind of closure, because of the way i treated her. I say i was sorry for my childish attitudes and whished her the best on her life.

1 day later she wrote me back. She sad she was very happy for the letter, that she enjoyed and that she allways cared about me aswell.

Shed said that she wasn't good with words and that maybe she would call me so she could see how i was going.


What am i supposed to answer ?

Do you think this attitude might means that we have some kind of possibility of being together again ?

Should i responde her right away or wait a few days?


If you take the time to read this and prehaps help me, i thank you from the bottom of my hearth.




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It doesn't require an answer, she said she maybe she would call. I would relax and wait for her to contact you. You don't want to hover around and put her off.

Shed said that she wasn't good with words and that maybe she would call me so she could see how i was going
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It's a sign that you shouldn't contact her.


i see what you did there


sometimes people just say "maybe i'll call you sometimes" to sound polite, but have no intention of actually doing so. you are both fine without each other in your lives. you just wanted the story to end on a forgiving note, and it happened.


mission completed, there is no level 2.

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