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Does this passion still exist?


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This is probably going to be one of my more serious posts but I'd really like some insight on this. I saw a guy last week who I had been fwb with in the past. We cut contact back at Christmas because this raging passion existed which was beginning to get unhealthy. We did the right thing by doing this and generally being away from him gave me time to reflect on everything that had happened.

When I saw him last week, he brought his girlfriend which definitely brought on some awkward feelings. When we spoke, he told me he still had thoughts about me, was still wanting me and the general impression I got was that this passion still existed. I had done well to block out these desires until he held me close to him, only in a way he had done when we had been involved with each other. I then realised that in that moment that parts of me wanted him, wanted to make love to him with this passion that clearly still existed. The problem is, is he has a girlfriend and whilst nothing physical happened, he shouldn't be saying those things to me when he has her. He was telling me that we couldn't be physical with each other, to which I agreed with him, but I feel like this passion still exists between us and is something worth addressing. I am seeing him and a friend on Wednesday to talk about what happened that night because the friend agrees he shouldn't say those things to me.

I would really appreciate some insight into this because right now everything is just up in the air. I did not tell him at the time that the passion still existed but I'm wondering if I should. At the same time I can't bear coming between his relationship. I'm just not sure if I'd be able to abstain from saying it when I see him this week with the friend.

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What are you planning to accomplish with this meeting? What good will it do to tell him you're still horny for him? Think about it...you're playing with fire by meeting him this week (meaning, considering helping him cheat on his girlfriend and reducing yourself to a side piece). People are attracted to other people, sometimes it can feel intense especially if there's a history. It doesn't mean it's wise to act on or tell the other person. I'd suggest not meeting this week, I don't understand what there is to talk about. You're attracted to him like millions of people are attracted to another person every day, it's not an event, it's an every day part of life. Hold your head high and keep moving on. Best wishes.

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Being attracted to a former lover is quite common. However it's up to you to define boundaries now that he has a gf and stop seeing him, contacting him, inviting him to your parties, hugging him, etc. It's really that simple.

I had done well to block out these desires until he held me close to him.The problem is, is he has a girlfriend
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Oh come on...that "passion" was him wanting to cheat on his girlfriend and testing the waters to see if you were game...nothing romantic about that, you are idealizing something that was wrong and should have insulted you, instead of making you feel good/desired! He sounds like the type who feels "passion" for anyone with a vagina! Which means no, yours is not special, it's just available. Do you really think you need to tell him you felt the "passion"??? He knows that already, because that's why you let him have sex with you (without commitment, I might add) in the past. The only thing you will accomplish by confessing to him is that you will reassure him that should he need to dip his penis in a vagina other than his girlfriend's, you're willing and available. Is that what you want?


Don't mess with a relationship, even if he is a pig and has no respect for his girlfriend (or you). You settle for little, little you'll end up having.


Your friend is right, none of what happened that night was appropriate. There is no need to discuss anything, unless you are planning to become the side chick. Hopefully you are better than that. Cut contact with the jerk and find yourself a guy who is available.

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So basically you two are a good fit in bed and wouldn't mind another go. That's natural enough. I mean if Christina Hendricks showed up at my door in her bra and panties, it's safe to say that'd be quite the trial for my relationship, but I don't know if I'd glorify it by calling it "passion."


And I gotta say, I let out a little laugh when I read you're going to meet with him and a friend to tell him he shouldn't be hitting on you. The thought of someone thinking of that idea and then saying to themselves with a nod and a smirk, "Yeah, that's a good idea" is both amusing and cringe-worthy. That's one of the most awkward things I've ever read on these forums. Does he even know what's up or are you two planning some kind of odd intervention? Honestly, it's not even worth a discussion. He makes a pass at you again, you remind him he has a girlfriend and shut him down. If you really feel the need to "confront" him, a simple text would do the trick.


Really, I think you're just fishing for a dialogue and willingly giving him an opportunity to chip away at your defenses so that you'll eventually succumb to this "passion" and sleep with him, or at the very least you want him to attempt it so that you can feel further slighted. And I think your "friend" would like nothing more than to use this meeting as a source of material for the next time the girls get together to gossip over some Arbor Mist.


You were hit on by a taken guy who enjoyed the sex with you before. It's sleazy, but that's really all it is. Spare yourself the drama and let it go. And if this idea to meet with him was your friend's, I'd strongly suggest confiding on someone else in the future.

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I remember your last post. So now you're cool with being his side piece? What about your own boyfriend, what does he have to say about this? This is a disaster, why on earth are you now falling for all of this again? Now you go from being an FWB to a cheater? How is that a step in the right direction?


Why on earth you didn't toss him out on his butt that night when he made a pass at you with "HIS GIRLFRIEND SITTING RIGHT THERE" and then block and delete him is beyond me. Way to show solidarity with the sisterhood. That poor girl, hopefully she's dumped his sleazy butt. You should be sending her condolence cards if you're going to choose to stay involved with these people or maybe take up a hobby that's a better one than needless drama with someone you already know is angling to use you yet again.


Seriously at this point if he hurts you, you did it to yourself.


P.S. Yes, I know my post is harsh, but you need to wake the blip up. I'm not about to say, "Oh sure, this guy hurt you before, you were only good enough to sleep with but not good enough to be a girlfriend, you dump him out of your life, but invite him to a party, he shows up with a girlfriend, you won't answer anyone's questions about where is your boyfriend in all of this, he makes a pass at you in front of said girlfriend which is a total douche nozzle move, you act all indignant and how dare he...and now you want to meet since he said a few words of flattery to manipulate you into sleeping with him again.


And where the hell is your own boyfriend in all of this anyways? ](*,)](*,)](*,)

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