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I broke up with him tonight...


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Unfortunately if you want to stay you are at his mercy. As much as you detest him, you will have to sweeten the deal to get him to leave. Stop talking emotionally with him. Make a business deal.


Just say we both know it's not working out I could stay here and take over the payments and help you with your move. If it is this untenable then you'll have to get him out of his own place somehow and hysteria isn't going to do it.


Keep in mind you cosigned a lease with him knowing his deficiencies, (car credit license underemployed,etc) so now you need to extricate yourself from this with logic and cutting him a deal to want to leave.

I can't live here with him. But I refuse to leave what's mine. My things, my apartment that only I can afford (and who's credit got us approved) and my dog
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Thank you for understanding. I agree.


I did talk to the landlord. Who mentioned a 1-3 month buy out. I'd love a 1 month buy out.


He has pulled the "don't talk to me", "you never loved me", "I wish I were dead" "you think you're perfect?" "**** off" "I'll never love again", "you ruined me" cards tonight while he was at the bar.


I can't live here with him. But I refuse to leave what's mine. My things, my apartment that only I can afford (and who's credit got us approved) and my dog.


If I left in a uhaul. He'd have camping gear and a few bags of clothes/shoes. That's it. And about 1/4 of 1 couch.


I can't sleep. I haven't for a month. I'm losing my mind. I need peace and can't find it. I just want this to be over.


I can relate so much to this my now ex is still here and now packing to hopefully leave next week. He used to say the exact same things. He has had depression for years and now has been diagnosed as a sociopath and narcissist. I had to pay him to leave. He used to say he could never love again, felt nothing for anyone etc. Then he'd pull the guilt card and then start pretending he wanted to work things out, but he only wanted somewhere to live. He never did anything except play games or chat on Facebook he was just using me till he found 'something better'. Right now he's sitting in the garage telling his new girlfriend he met on Facebook how much he loves here and can't wait to be with her Its the third time today he's made it obvious what he's doing and doesn't care because he's getting his cash And he's just trying to hurt me and play games. He could flip and change his attitude on the toss of a coin, or person. I'm just sorry I put up with all the bad for so long and Im thinking I should have just left him with nothing and sent him to a homeless shelter. I just want a good night's sleep too, but I can't until he's actually left. I hope you can get rid of him soon too and start feeling better. Just looking at him now repulsed me and it has for ages, but even more so now that I know he's going but hasn't left yet.

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