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Insecure? Jealous? Damaged?


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So I recently started dating my LDR boyfriend (let's call him B). About 7/8 months I finally broke up with my emotionally abusive/cheating previous boyfriend, which has left me very damaged as he was my first love and he totally ruined me. I constantly find myself assuming B is being unfaithful, just to come to find out he's not and then I feel awful that I doubted him.. I've noticed this pattern within myself and am allowing myself to trust him, and constantly remind myself that he isn't my ex! The one thing I can't get over is comparing myself to HIS ex. they ended terribly and she was totally crazy and I know he doesn't have feelings for her but I can't stop this feeling of "I'll never live up to her". Does anyone have any advice on how I can get over this? it's really becoming and issue for me. I know what you will think, I'm insecure and damaged and should calm the down lol it's hard for me, and I don't want to ruin things with B as I really have feelings for him, and feel as though I'm being unfair.

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