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is this a valid reason to be like a little mad


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my boyfriend of ~7 months made a picture of another girl (our mutual acquaintance, who he finds very attractive) his phone background. he then hid this information from me for a while, but eventually showed me, claiming it was just a joke. i know hes faithful and all but now hes like "i dont think ive done anything wrong" and im like cmon man thats just not cute

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sounds to me like he's trying to get a rise out of you, or trying to impress his friend by ?? being a douche lord ?? I'm not sure. He has to know there is a line between being funny and disrespectful. And can't disrespect you in the process of trying to make his friends laugh.

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They find it funny because it humiliates you. I see no humor here, just immature boys having a laugh at the expense of a young woman.


Raise your standards.


I agree with Sportster. They're telling you it's a joke in order to disguise its real meaning, which is to humiliate you, and see whether you have any respect (back-bone) for yourself. Leaving him will put the joke on him. You can do better, just trust your instincts.

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