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Confused about this guy's behaviour!


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This is quite long,but i cant find an answer for it. So,I went to a trip one day and one night with my group of friends and a new guy came with us. In the car i had to sit next to him,after we arrived there he talked to me a lot and make eye contact,and he invited me to explore areas with him,just the 2 of us,he stayed close to me a lot ,we even just slept in the same bed. I fell for him because he was nice with me,but kinda mean with other friends,but i think because i'm more quiet,shy,polite type of girl when i dont know someone well.


The thing is,after we came back i asked my friend (which was his best friend)to give me some advice about dating him and he said he isn't interested in a relationship with anybody bcoz of the past experiences he had. So my friend called him telling him that i like him so he messaged me and asked me if im ok to be just friends,but he wasnt bothered by the fact that I like him and we even texted 1 hour until he felt asleep.


However,a friend of mine set up a meeting with him at night in the same day and she told me to go with them without him knowing that I will go. He seemed surprised when he saw me,and he ignored me almost all the time and avoid looking at me or sitting close to me,which is opposite to what he was doing before i confessed him! He just talked to my friend which he knows for years and just making funof her and being little mean. It:s like he didnt know me anymore. But i felt something really awkward between us and i kinda avoided talking and looking at him too. And when we said goodbye i just waved at him but he just stared at me with a blank face and offered me a hug with pats on the back.


My friend told me he just need to get used to the idea that i like him and also maybe he didnt know how to react. But his behaviour made me think that he doesnt want to stay around me anymore,but my friend disagree.


I'm really confused ,and even if he doesnt like me why he cant just treat me as a friend and not avoid me like that..? Do you think he dislikes me and wants me to go away from him..? He told me to be friends,but he acts weird like this..what's in his mind?

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No, this guy felt ambushed that your friend invited you along, it's dawned on him you have read way more into your one chance encounter than he ever wanted to be there. He is not into you and now he's more than a little creeped about what he felt like, rightfully so I might add, was a set up that kind of put him on the spot.


Back off as in way off and live and let learn, they either ask you out for a date or they aren't into you, and slowing down and not involving your friends might get you a whole lot further.


The guy was trying to be polite, but he was not happy to see you again. Your friend is either clueless or didn't want you to get hurt, or maybe was being a little bit mean in creating a terribly awkward situation for all around. If a guy has to "get used to" you liking them then something is wrong.


Tell your friend you've lost interest and back away. This was over before it ever got started. Never take what your friends say about someone, look at how the person in front of you is behaving. If he were into you he'd have been delighted to see you and chatted you up, because no boy in the world is going to refuse a chance encounter with a girl he fancies.

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