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Shy and Awkward around this guy, and I'm normally confident! Did I blow it?


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So I met this guy online about 2 weeks ago. I gave him my number and we texted and called each other all week, and agreed to meet up on Saturday. We met up for drinks, and all of a sudden I got really shy and awkward when I saw him..this never happens to me! I started to relax a little bit and we started talking more, and he invited me to dinner. He took me to a really nice place and we sat and talked for about 4 hours. During this time, he took my hand and held it for awhile. After it was time for us to leave, he grabbed me and kissed me right on the sidewalk!! Then we made out in his car for awhile before he dropped me off at mine, and he told me he wanted to see me again.


We have been kind of texting back and forth over the last 2 days. He tells me he is happy I like him, etc. We have been talking about getting together again this weekend, but he has to see how work goes this week...he is very busy. Anyways, he works across the street from the gym I go to, and he was finishing work as I was leaving tonight. I asked him to meet me outside to say hi real quick...when I saw him it was so awkward!!!! It's like I get totally stupid around him and the conversation was so forced. It was a quick "hi, how was your day?" "Good....busy". crickets. "Well I will see you later".


I have no idea what is going on with me, but did I blow it?? I feel like he is not going to talk to me anymore or want to get together for a second date because of this awkward episode tonight. I'm so bummed and disappointed with myself...any way i can recover from this?

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I really don't think someone will be turned off by someone feeling a bit shy at the beginning. You did talk for 4 hours and make out, so if he gets totally turned off by a little awkward encounter, then he wasn't as into you as you thought. What you do need is to let him take the lead at the beginning in asking you to get together. This is the only way to gauge his true interest. Don't ask him to meet up with you, even to say "hi." Don't suggest getting together. His saying he may be too busy at work to get together in the week coming up may be an excuse if you've been pressing for another get together. When a guy is crazy over someone, especially in the beginning, he will find the time.


Being too needy and too gung ho, and spending too much together time and communicating too much would be a bigger problem that I'd be worried about. Don't let it be like a star that burns so bright, too fast, and then implodes. Don't make any more effort than he does. You need to guard your heart until he proves he's interested and makes that clear and wants to spend time with you to get to know you, not just to get into your pants. Hold out going to one another's homes for a few months so your will power doesn't give in. Make sure he's long-term potential material before giving him the gift of your body. Women often regret doing the wild thing too soon, but they never regret waiting. Take care.

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