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husband threatens to leave after every argument


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I'm not sure what to do.We are just in the process of selling our old house with my husband but we can't agree on what sort of new house we should be looking for.He wants something more expensive,I'd like cheaper one and spend more money on holidays and just better quality of life.That in Itself however to me is not an issue,many people want different things.What annoys me is that as soon as I disagree with something he says stuff like 'well then we should go our separate ways' and if I will only raise my voice as he does I know he will storm out or hang up on me etc.

To complicate matters further we'Ve got little boy who's not even 2 yet. I'd like for him to have a father but I'm just tired of his behaviour.i tried talking to him but to no avail.Each time he doesn't lime something he either threatens to leave or simply leaves or puts the phone down on me (depending on whether he is home or on the phone). It's been like this ever since the baby was born.He sometimes just stormed out and left me on weekends whenever we had an argument, and I'm not saying that I've been perfect first few months after birth.we have no sex life,perhaps it's because I've been sleeping with our son all this time, which again is partly because during the week my husband used to be away a lot for work and on,y came back on weekends hence now he found a different job and we are relocating.I can afford to leave him financially so that's not an issue. I feel like I'm at the crossroads and don't know which way to go

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- Is no time to be laying more financial burden on yourselves.


"and left me on weekends whenever we had an argument,"

- This is really bad!


My opinion:

It is what it is. You must call his bluff if you are ever to have any hope of re-balancing the marriage.


How long have you been married?

Were you compatible before marriage?

Was it a trapped marriage?

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That's so childish for anyone to threaten to leave their spouse because they don't get what they want. Gheesh... So immature. Call him on it! Tell him to go! It's a control thing. I'm guessing he usually gets what he wants and when he doesn't he reverts to being a big wah-wha. You're going to have to be the adult in this situation and you're just going to have to tell him that his behavior is not acceptable. Don't get angry or raise your voice as that never does any good. Be calm and explain what it is your want and that the both of you, as adults, should be able to compromise.


Also, looking for a house to buy... Be patient. A good deal will eventually pop up. The two of you will just have to be ready to act fast. Have you done your pre-approval paperwork yet? That helps tremendously.


Good luck to you both.

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